Hakka from all over the world gather in Longnan to experience the charm of “the capital of walled villages and the city of mountains and waters”

LONGNAN, China, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On November 7, the 32nd World Hakka Conference (hereinafter referred to as “the WHC”) opened in Longnan City, which is considered as the “south gate of Jiangxi Province“. With the theme of “Hakka from five continents and four seas share the same dialect and homesickness”, about 2,500 guests from more than 200 Hakka communities (including overseas Hakka groups), representatives of Hakka people and well-known entrepreneurs gathered in Longnan to share the cultural feast.

The World Hakka Conference is one of the most influential Chinese events in the world. Since the first World Hakka Conference was held in 1971, this traditional event has gone through 52 years.

At this WHC, Jiangxi Longnan implemented a number of cultural activities and cultural projects with strong Hakka characteristics to a high standard, allowing Hakka people to come to seek roots, worship ancestors, travel, exchange and cooperate, and further promote Hakka spirit and Hakka culture.

In recent years, Longnan has focused on the goal of “double hundred and double thousand”, striving for the goal of the top 100 national economic development zones, the top 100 national investment competitiveness, the per capita industrial tax of over 1,000 US dollars, and the first industrial revenue of the park of over 100 billion yuan. It has carried out many projects, paid great attention to investment promotion and promoted industrial development, maintaining the growth rate of Longnan’s main economic indicators in Ganzhou’s “first phalanx”, according to the Information Office of Ganzhou Municipal People’s Government.

At the opening ceremony party, scientific and technological means are used to display various art forms. Singing, dancing, folk customs, multimedia image interaction, Hakka music, Hakka intangible cultural heritage and other expression techniques were integrated into one to tell a glorious epic of Hakka people, bringing a shocking audio-visual cultural feast to the audience.

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Caption: Longnan World Hakka Folk Culture City has opened to visitors.

SOURCE Information Office of Ganzhou Municipal People’s Government

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