Fundy Software Announces Fundy Designer V11

Fundy Software Announces Fundy Designer V11

Already known for its ease of use and time savings, the new Fundy Designer V11 automates skin retouching and multiple design creation, saving professional photographers countless hours

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fundy Software Inc. today announced it will be launching a new version of its world famous software, Fundy Designer V11. Since its inception, Fundy Designer has been embraced by the world’s most successful wedding and portrait photographers for its design automation and IPS tools. The average user adds an additional $50K to their yearly bottom line in print sales without having to invest large amounts of time designing albums, wall art collections, cards or magazines.

Fundy Designer V11 takes the automation of print design even further. The new “All-in-One Design Wizard” will instantly design albums, wall art sets and cards with 1 click. Additionally, Fundy users can now choose to have all images being imported automatically retouched using their favorite Perfectly Clear preset. All this, on top of a faster under-the hood engine for Apple M2-M3 processors, means countless hours saved and many more opportunities to make additional revenue from every client.

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“We know that if photographers show clients print designs, clients buy them. We are constantly innovating our patented technology and integrating best of class tools such as Perfectly Clear to make it easier for our photographers to design more, design better and make the products that their clients love and purchase.” Andrew Funderburg, founder Fundy Software.

Fundy Software does anticipate a modest increase in pricing at launch but notes that anyone with a current subscription (monthly, yearly or Pro Enhancements) will automatically be upgraded to V11 at no additional cost. Additionally, anyone who purchased the software on or after August 1st, 2023 will also be automatically upgraded. 

About Fundy Software

Founded in 2008, Portland, Oregon-based Fundy Software is the creator of Fundy Designer, a professional design and IPS suite for professional photographers. It provides photographers the creative freedom to design, sell, proof and print albums, wall art collections, cards, studio magazines and more, quickly and easily. Their professional tools such as Auto Design, One Click Skin Retouching, Online Proofing, and more, save photographers countless hours and drive sales. Visit to learn more and download the free trial.

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