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WENZHOU, China, Nov. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Located on the south bank of the Oujiang River in East China, Wenzhou, also known as “Ou,” welcomes travelers to discover its scenic beauty. This prefecture-level city, under the jurisdiction of Zhejiang Province, is a worthwhile destination. With a subtropical monsoon climate, Wenzhou offers four distinct seasons and consistent rainfall, creating a mild and lush environment. Keen to share the city’s stories, the Information Office of Wenzhou People’s Government has recently released a promotional video. This visual presentation showcases the city’s rich history, thriving economy, and vibrant culture, inviting travelers to explore Wenzhou for themselves.

Wenzhou is a treasure trove of history, revealing glimpses of human activity that hark back to 2,500 BC during the Late Neolithic period. The name “Wenzhou” was graciously bestowed upon the city by Emperor Gaozong in 675, the second year of the Shangyuan reign of the Tang Dynasty. Remarkably, the city has proudly carried this name through the annals of time, preserving it like a cherished heirloom up to the present day.

Wenzhou thrives as a beacon of prosperity, celebrated as the birthplace of China’s private economy. Testament to its economic vigor, Wenzhou’s robust overall economic output has secured its place among China’s top 30 cities for an impressive four consecutive years.

Wenzhou takes great pride in its rich tapestry of cultural heritage, having been the birthplace of many illustrious individuals throughout history. Eminent figures such as Xie Lingyun, a poet of the Eastern Jin Dynasty; Ye Shi, a scholar of the Southern Song Dynasty; and Gao Zecheng, a playwright from the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasty, all called Wenzhou home. Today, the city is a vibrant mosaic of creativity and innovation, shining across fields such as science, technology, literature, education, sports, and the arts. Wenzhou’s commitment to nurturing talent is especially evident in the realm of mathematics, with the city boasting over 200 distinguished scholars and professors who have made significant contributions.

Wenzhou pulses with a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by cutting-edge business models and a burgeoning new economy. The city has pioneered a slew of innovation hubs, including China Eye Valley, China Gene Medicine Valley, and Oujiang Laboratory, to name a few. These centers of bustling creativity have become integral to Wenzhou, creating a perfect environment where dreams take flight.

SOURCE The Information Office of Wenzhou People’s Government

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