Curated Mental Health and Enthea Collaborate to Provide Cutting-Edge Mental Health Service to New York City

Curated Mental Health is excited to announce its collaboration with Enthea, an employee benefits company that offers coverage for Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (KAT) services. This partnership makes Curated Mental Health the first clinic in New York to work with Enthea, thus opening the NYC market for businesses who wish to offer their employees access to these innovative treatment options at affordable costs. 

Enthea is the leading provider of benefit plans for psychedelic healthcare, with its growing network of trained and credentialed KAT practitioners. The organization is committed to ensuring fair access to quality care. Enthea offers these employee benefit plans to progressive businesses that are concerned about the mental health challenges affecting their people and their workplace. While companies are motivated by the well-being of their team, they can justify these plans due to the results being achieved from psychedelic-assisted therapy and by the concrete business benefits from improved mental health: lower medical costs, greater productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved employee retention.

Curated Mental Health was founded by Dr. Amanda Itzkoff to make KAT and psychedelic-assisted therapy accessible to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. The clinic's team of practitioners offers various mental health services, including psychotherapy and medication management, with an emphasis on providing high-quality innovative care.

"We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge mental health services to all patients and addressing the significant barriers to care that people face when seeking treatment for mental illnesses like anxiety and depression," said Dr. Amanda Itzkoff. "Our partnership with Enthea is completely aligned with our mission, and we are excited to provide our patients with access to psychedelic-assisted therapy."

Sherry Rais, CEO and co-founder of Enthea, says: "Enthea is delighted to be working with Curated Mental Health in enabling New York City businesses to provide this breakthrough treatment to their employees. Dr. Itzkoff is a recognized leader in this innovative field, and together we will be able to greatly reduce the impact of mental health disorders for participating companies." Enthea coverage is available to employees and family members at businesses who sign up to offer Enthea benefit plans. 

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Original Source: Curated Mental Health and Enthea Collaborate to Provide Cutting-Edge Mental Health Service to New York City