Circus Company, a Company Specializing in Augmented Reality (AR), Launches ‘Artzme’ Worldwide Simultaneously Around the World

CYPRESS, Calif. - November 18, 2022 - (

Circus Company (CEO Park Sun-Wook) provides artists, collectors, and galleries with augmented reality. On the 19th, it announced the launch of "Artzme" worldwide. Artzme is a service that allows users to virtually display, appreciate, and purchase real works in their space by connecting them through metaverse technology.

The slogan of Artzme expresses "Art for All Souls." As the slogan says, the goal is for more people to simply appreciate, exhibit, collect, and enjoy art. At the same time, create new opportunities for artists who are experiencing practical problems such as financial difficulties and rare opportunities for exhibitions.

In addition, Circus Company is a 'K-culture' that is currently attracting attention in the global art market, which is worth 1 trillion won in Korea and 72 trillion won around the world. They are expected to be a nationally beneficial service as domestic artists can develop a market without borders.

Artzme is an augmented reality exhibition where art can be installed and displayed in a real space without any restrictions on time, space, and cost. It is built with "Arts Filter," an augmented reality program that contains the story of the artist in the art piece and "Art Scan," which provides tools for art work without practical restriction in the art field.

Park Sun-Wook, CEO of Circus Company, said, "We will strive forward to create a realistic culture and arts service market to provide benefits," adding, "Through continuous service advancement, metaverse gallery, and NFT, we will build an ecosystem where the value of art is protected."

Along with the launch of Artzme service, Circus Company is gathering artists who will participate in the service. Artists who are interested can apply and ask questions through the Artzme website.

Circus Company is a 10-year startup company that develops AR, VR, metavers, blockchain service platform and contents and is creating a new paradigm in the whole marketing field of education, cultural art, and distribution. Now they want to redefine the digital value in the close area of everyday life. The company's mission is to connect technology and content to add value to daily life and make it more profitable. The company slogan states, "Making the technology fun and delicious."

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