Chicago Celebrates 15 Years of JC Rivera’s ‘The Bear Champ’

Renowned artist JC Rivera's iconic creation, "The Bear Champ," has marked its 15th Anniversary with Print Releases and Private Artist Showcase

JC Rivera painting in Chicago

JC Rivera celebrating \"Rolling with the Punches\" a key theme of The Bear Champ, celebrating it's 15th anniversary.

Artist JC Rivera's iconic creation, "The Bear Champ," is set to mark its 15th Anniversary with two print releases and private artist showcase. The celebration will include the highly anticipated launch of a limited edition "Greatest Hits - Volume 2" print following the popular "Greatest Hits - Volume 1" release earlier this summer. 

This celebration will also feature two exclusive Private Artist Showcase events presenting JC's work, including select pieces from the artist's personal collection. Collectors interested in obtaining access to the digital collection of these works or inquiring about the collector's preview events can reach out through the artist's new website at

The Bear Champ symbolizes JC, showcasing his love of boxing and his fighting spirit to persist and forge ahead. While the character doesn't always emerge triumphant, he consistently adapts to adversity and embraces the next challenge. This mirrors JC's artistic journey, characterized by his unwavering determination to establish his brand and advance his career through relentless dedication.

"I am thrilled to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of 'The Bear Champ' with these special events," said JC Rivera, creator of The Bear Champ. "I want to use these celebrations to bring the Chicago community together as well as thank those that have supported The Bear Champ over the past 15 years."

In recent years, the popularity of JC Rivera's work has skyrocketed, attributable to his message to "Roll with the Punches," helping both children and adults alike navigate tough times, no matter what challenges they face.

This anniversary and celebrations are a testament to the unwavering support of JC Rivera and the thriving Chicago arts community, paying homage to JC's artistic legacy while inviting guests to engage with his timeless creations or start their collection with the exclusive "Greatest Hits" prints.

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About JC Rivera:
JC Rivera is a Chicago-based artist who has spent the last decade creating one of the most uplifting and iconic street art brands in the world. JC's work leverages relatable characters, including The Bear Champ, to bring hope and inspiration to communities across the globe.

JC is the most prolific street artist in Chicago, with more commissioned murals than any other artist in the city. He has garnered national sponsorships with brands including American Express, Adidas, McDonald's, Capital One, Shake Shack, Cafe Bustelo, Saucony, Umami Burger, Oscar Mayer, Topo Chico, and collaborations with sporting teams such as the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Bulls.

While JC Rivera is best known for his large-scale bright color murals, street art, merchandise, and prints, he has recently gained recognition for his fine art, attracting collectors looking to make a meaningful investment.

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