Cheech and Chong Light Up ‘Cannabis-Free’ States With Hemp Derived THC

The iconic duo are going all-in on their Cruise Chews hemp THC gummies and the response is sweet.

Cheech and Chong's Cruise Chews

Cheech and Chong's Cruise Chews in the iconic \"Love Machine\"

Legendary cannabis icons Cheech and Chong are proudly embracing hemp-derived Delta-9 THC with the launch of their new hemp gummy, Cruise Chews. Their mission: to make the incredible benefits of the plant accessible to as many people as possible, promoting safe and responsible consumption.

"The Farm Bill did us a real favor, man," said Tommy Chong. "With regulated cannabis popping up state by state, we're able to reach some people. But with federally legal Delta-9 THC from Hemp, we can get Cruise Chews to EVERYONE who needs them across America. So we're sharing the love, one chew at a time!"

Cheech and Chong's Cruise Chews are revolutionizing the cannabis experience by offering micro-dosed chews that provide unparalleled access to the benefits of hemp. With 3mg of Delta-9 THC in every chew, Cruise Chews promise a fun, relaxing, mellow time. The addition of 33mg of CBD works to dampen the "darker side" of THC some people experience, such as "munchies" or anxious thoughts.

Cruise Chews' precision dosing enables users to dip their toe into the cannabis world with confidence, providing a reliable and controlled experience. By offering a mild and mellow journey, Cruise Chews allow individuals to unlock the potential of CBD and THC without overwhelming effects, ensuring a smooth ride for both the body and mind.

"The benefits of cannabis or hemp should be accessible to everyone, and Cruise Chews is our way of breaking down barriers," said Cheech Marin. "That precise dose of  3mg THC and 33mg CBD in each gummy, helps guarantee a fun, relaxing, mellow time. And you don't end up emptying out your snack cupboard or spend the afternoon wondering why the dog is looking at you like that."

Cheech and Chong's Global Holding Company's commitment to quality is evident in Cruise Chews. These chews are formulated using 100% naturally occurring CBD and THC from hemp, completely free of synthetic chemicals. The Delta-9 THC, derived naturally from non-GMO, U.S. grown hemp plants, undergoes a gentle extraction process. Each batch of hemp is rigorously tested at harvest to guarantee its purity, ensuring the absence of pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins. 

"The natural part is important to us," adds Tommy Chong, "That's why we won't touch any of these 'new' cannabinoids, like Delta-8 or HHC or any of the others. Nothing against them, but those all have to be synthesized in a lab. They don't grow in nature. We want our products to be as natural and beneficial as the hemp plant itself."

Careful filtration ensures that the valuable terpenes and phytocannabinoids are preserved, resulting in a product of exceptional quality and taste.

What sets Cruise Chews apart, aside from their breakthrough formula, is their accessibility. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, Cruise Chews are legal to purchase online and can be shipped directly to customers in a discreet and legal manner through USPS. Experience the relaxing and mellow journey of Cruise Chews by visiting, where they are available for purchase now.

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