Channels360 Selected by the Medicaid Innovation Collaborative for Health-Related Social Needs Pilot

Ready Computing's Channels360 Selected by the Medicaid Innovation Collaborative Out of a Field of Over 100 Applicants

Ready Computing, in partnership with the Staten Island PPS, Healthfirst and Samaritan City, has been selected by the Medicaid Innovation Collaborative to pilot a program to address the health-related social needs of Medicaid beneficiaries in Staten Island, New York. 

"We are thrilled to be selected out of a field of over 100 applicants to help connect vulnerable populations on Staten Island with services and incentives to improve their health status," says Mark Taylor, Vice President of Product Strategy at Ready Computing. 

The pilot program is part of MIC’s second cohort focused on Health-Related Social Needs (HRSN). The cohort launched in 2023 and enables state Medicaid programs, managed care plans and other key stakeholders to identify and implement tech-enabled solutions to address the HRSN of Medicaid beneficiaries in Iowa, Kentucky and New York.

The pilot program will launch an outreach program for underserved Healthfirst Medicaid members on Staten Island. Community navigators will use the Ready Computing Channels360 platform to screen, assess and refer members to community-based organizations to address their social needs. A subset of unhoused members will be enrolled in the Samaritan Membership program to provide financial incentives and support to meet their survival needs.

See the full MIC Press Release here.

About Channels360 

Channels360 is a health and social care platform that connects healthcare providers, health plans, social care workers and community organizations with individuals for better health outcomes and long-term support. The comprehensive platform optimizes care and improves health equity across communities. Learn more about Channels360 at

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Original Source: Channels360 Selected by the Medicaid Innovation Collaborative for Health-Related Social Needs Pilot