Celebrate with Art: QuillingCL Launches Black Friday Promotion by Offering Artistic Paper Quilling

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — QuillingCL, the leading paper quilling gift supplier, is launching a Black Friday promotional event in celebration of the upcoming holiday season. Until January 31, 2024, all gift items across all themes are available at a 20% discount with the code BF20. 

Quilling, a paper art form with roots in Europe, has been popular for hundreds of years. In the 18th century, it was particularly prevalent in French and Italian monasteries. As part of the promotion, QuillingCL particularly highlights their Christmas ornaments, which are handcrafted with intricate details and rich in design.


Among the highlighted items are the Quilled Snowflake Ornaments, unique holiday gifts featuring a three-layered abstract snowflake design. Another popular option is the Quilling Christmas Tree with coloring Christmas light. Packaged in exquisite, high-end gift boxes, these handcrafted ornaments are perfect for home or office decorations, or as gifts for loved ones.


“Each piece of our artwork is handcrafted with unique original designs. The creation of a paper quilling art piece requires an exceptional level of craftsmanship and a significant amount of time. Our products, rich in detail, take an average of 10 hours to create, with some taking as long as 20 hours,” the founder said.

QuillingCL is also committed to using high-quality materials, specifically premium quilling paper strips from the renowned Japanese brand TANT. Vibrant colors stand the test of time, ensuring optimal presentation and visual impact for every piece.

As we approach Thanksgiving, QuillingCL is also showcasing its unique collection of quilled floral bouquets as the perfect gifts for your Thanksgiving Day. The collection offers a unique selection of handcrafted floral bouquets. These exquisite pieces make thoughtful gifts for occasions such as Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, Mother’s Day, weddings, housewarmings, and more. https://craftsliberty.com/collections/quilled-flowers-for-birthday

Customers can also choose gifts from other popular themes as below:

  • Quilled Back-to-School Gift is a distinctive present that can bring joy and ease to both teachers and students. This fun and unique gift is sure to make the start of the academic year more exciting.
  • Embrace the spirit of celebration and renewal with our Quilled New Year Gifts. These handcrafted pieces capture the joy and positivity that come with the start of a new year, making them perfect gifts to ring in the new year.

“Send more than just a gift – send art!”

Customers can rest assured with QuillingCL’s 40-day after-sales service guarantee. All purchases are made securely through Paypal, ensuring a safe transaction platform. QuillingCL invites everyone to take part in this festive promotion, explore the wide range of handmade gifts, and celebrate the holiday season with art.

About QuillingCL

QuillingCL is a leading provider of handmade gifts, specializing in the art of quilling. We take immerse pride in our commitment to quality and our capacity to provide customers with a wide selection of gifts that are perfect for all occasions. At QuillingCL, we are confident that we can alleviate all your gift-giving worries.

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