CD34 NU-Signals and Alzheimer’s Disease Human Trials Presentation With Tzu Chi Hospital and Beauty-Stem Biomedical, Subsidiary of Power-Stem Biomedical Group

Unveiling the Potential Breakthrough - Activating Stem Cells to Delay and Reduce Dementia and Depression Risk

Dr. Lee & Dr. Lin

Dr. Jia-Fu Lee from Tzu Chi Hospital & Dr. Chai-Ching Lin from Power-Stem Biomedical

Alzheimer's disease and dementia severity in the United States is escalating, posing a growing public health crisis. With an aging population, millions are affected by these devastating conditions. The ratio of Alzheimer's patients in the 65+ demographic has reached 1 in 9 based on the study by the American CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention), highlighting the urgent need for research, care improvements, and increased awareness to address their profound social, economic, and emotional impact.

In response to World Alzheimer's Month, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital and Power-Stem Biomedical Group (Parent Company of Beauty-Stem Biomedical) jointly held a symposium. Dr. Jia-Fu Lee from Tzu Chi Hospital and Dr. Chai-Ching Lin, the President of Power-Stem Biomedical, discussed the testing data from a human trial program. 

"Our momentous achievement has arrived!" declared Dr. Chai-Ching Lin, President, Power-Stem Biomedical. "We proudly introduce the world's first stem cell supplement, underwent by rigorous clinical trials and scientific validation. This marks an exciting breakthrough in regenerative supplements, a new chapter in our commitment to advancing science and improving lives."

They assessed brain degeneration by measuring Alzheimer's Disease Risk Index (ADRI) and CD34+ hematopoietic stem cell levels through scientific and quantitative blood tests after the usage of CD34 NU-Signals. It has been observed that when individuals start to notice memory and cognitive decline, the number of stem cells in their bodies also decreases significantly. Clinically, early detection and prevention are possible through a healthy diet, quality sleep, and regular exercise. And refer to the study, activating autologous stem cells through stem cell nutrients can significantly reduce value of ADRI risk index and increase stem cell count.

Dr. Lee from Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital's Dementia Care Center stated that by analyzing brain waves with ADRI technology, and evaluating the risk of dementia through blood tests, it is possible to objectively detect the levels of depression and dementia risk. Through personalized regenerative supplement, mental well-being, exercise, and quality sleep, one can regain cardiovascular and brain health vitality.

Dr. Lin has been researching the field of stem cells for many years, and she has contributed significantly to stem cell nutrition. She has published multiple patents, scientific journals, and books. Dr. Lin emphasizes the importance of paying attention to one's "Health Deposit" after the age of 40. Therefore, tracking CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells, NK natural killer cells, and ADRI annually are crucial life indicators to better understand one's hematopoietic capacity, immune system, and self-healing ability.

Dr. Lee added that, especially in the case of ADRI values, they should be improved to reach a score of 0. Maintaining a happy and contented mind is essential for effectively staying away from depression and dementia.

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