Carebox Launches Application That Connects Patients to Clinical Trials

Carebox Connect™ empowers patients, families, and their physicians to find treatment options only available in clinical trials.

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Carebox connects patients, families, and their physicians\nwith treatment options only available in clinical trials.

Carebox Healthcare Solutions today announced the launch of the Carebox Connect™ application (, which enables patients and their caregivers to find and get connected to the latest treatment options for hundreds of conditions.

Carebox Connect is the platform used by tens of leading pharma trial sponsors, hospital research centers, and patient advocacy groups for their patient-facing clinical trial websites and services. Over one million patients have already benefitted from the Carebox Connect platform and its matching capabilities.

Now, the newly launched Carebox Connect application brings the power of the platform and over two decades of experience in navigating patients searching for clinical trials globally directly to patients.

As a baseline, the Carebox Connect trial database is synchronized daily with the clinical trial data maintained by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Applying human-supervised AI, Carebox converts the unstructured text in that describes eligibility criteria for enrollment, into a searchable index of clinical criteria for matching with patient characteristics. 

Visitors to the Carebox Connect application can complete a short questionnaire about their condition and then instantly see which clinical trials are potentially relevant for them.

"Clinical trial search tools are not all created equal," explains Carebox VP of Medical Affairs Rob Rutigliano, Ph.D. "Most only allow users to search based on condition, location, and basic trial characteristics like the phase of the trial. The Carebox Connect clinical trial database and matching technology make eligibility criteria for participation in the trial as searchable as those trial characteristics."

Completing a condition questionnaire is typically the best way for patients to take advantage of the indexed eligibility criteria in the Carebox Connect trial database. For more sophisticated users, as an alternative to questionnaire completion, the Carebox Connect application pioneers "eligibility filters" that make it as easy to filter trials based on eligibility criteria - such as genomic marker, type and staging of disease, or treatment history - as it is to filter on the trial properties searchable on other clinical trial finders.

After defining a mix of traditional filters and eligibility filters, users can save their filters for future use. Furthermore, they can subscribe to automatically and proactively receive Carebox Connect notifications in their email inbox whenever new trials open (or open new sites) in a defined distance radius from where they are located. 

One of the frustrating things about most clinical trial finders, including the website, is that they don't easily answer the main question on every patient's mind: what treatment options are available that are relevant for me? The Carebox Connect application does just that.

 "This release of the Carebox Connect application is just a first step to re-imagining how patients and doctors get connected to clinical trials, notes Carebox CEO Brian Weiss. "We've got a lot more planned for follow-on releases in the coming months that we believe will transform how the public thinks about clinical trial finders."

About Carebox

Carebox connects patients and physicians seeking treatment options with clinical trials. For patients and families, access to information about the newest and most advanced treatment options is obscured and frustrating to find. For pharma companies, clinical trial recruitment is the primary bottleneck in the $100B+ drug development market now being reshaped by precision medicine treatment specificity, new trial models, diversity requirements, and digital health consumer expectations. Carebox is at the forefront of addressing these challenges for patients and their families, as well as for the ecosystem of companies involved in sponsoring, running, and recruiting for clinical trials. 

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About Carebox Connect

The Carebox Connect cloud platform digitizes Carebox's two decades of experience in navigating over one million patients seeking clinical trial options. It enables trial sponsors of all sizes to educate, engage, navigate, match, qualify, refer, and enroll patients in their clinical trials. Pharma trial sponsors, hospital research centers, and patient advocacy groups use Carebox Connect to present their clinical trial portfolios to the public, optimize trial recruitment, and enhance participant diversity in support of ongoing clinical research.

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