Cangzhou Students Achieve Outstanding Results in China National College Student Martial Arts Championship

Cangzou Martial Arts

Martial Arts are very popular in Cangzhou

On April 5, 2023, China College Student Martial Arts Championship successfully concluded in Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, and the representative team of Cangzhou Normal University in north China's Hebei Province achieved good results. The championship is the largest, highest-grade and most influential martial arts competition for college students in China, according to Cangzhou Municipal Government.

Cangzhou martial arts won a round of applause at the championship, in which more than 900 college teachers and students competed. 

"Cangzhou martial arts are masculine and generous and have unique pushing and holding skills. The martial arts of Cangzhou are especially effective in combat. The movements are forceful, rough and deft, with only three or five movements enough in a fight," said tournament judge Zhang Defen.

Martial arts occupy a particular space in Chinese culture, and the martial arts culture in Cangzhou originated around BC 500 and flourished from the 1600s. Statistics show Cangzhou has produced eight martial arts champions and 1973 scholars. 

In 1992, the State Sports Authority officially named Cangzhou "the hometown of martial arts". In 2006, the State Council included Cangzhou martial arts in the first national intangible cultural heritage batch.

Although Cangzhou's martial artists adopt varying styles today, they're all engaged in the same pursuit. It is never an easy job to practice martial arts, but the charm is evident --- bringing people together and creating legends at home and aboard.

Cangzhou Mengcun Ba'ji Boxing International Training Center has set up branches in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Belgium, France, Britain, Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Australia, and the United States, and trained more than 10,000 international students. 

"It is a window to China; we can comprehend Chinese virtues through learning the philosophies behind martial arts," said Jesse DeHart, a 24-year-old Ba'ji boxing practitioner from Frankfurt, Germany.

"Cangzhou Martial arts uphold the cultural essence of justice, openness and inclusiveness, loyalty and integrity, which many foreigners recognize and adore," said Su Yunyun, a Ba'ji boxing coach who worked in Japan for two years.

Cangzhou will continuously contribute to rescuing and excavating traditional martial arts resources.

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