Beacon Gallery Launches TILT! Featuring the Work of Artist Fern L. Nesson

Beacon Gallery Launches TILT! Featuring the Work of Artist Fern L. Nesson

Fern L. Nesson: TILT!
Beacon Gallery, 524B Harrison Ave, Boston MA 02118
September 1st – October 29th, 2023
Opening Reception: September 01, 2023

BOSTON, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Beacon Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition Fern L. Nesson: TILT!. Featuring the work of Cambridge-based artist Fern L. Nesson, TILT! will be on view at the South End gallery from September 1st through October 29th, 2023. 

Tilt! explores how a shift in perspective can open up a new world of infinite possibilities. Through a series of abstract monochromatic photographs, Nesson shows the viewer how familiar places and objects change when seen from a different angle. It is a way to honor multiple perspectives, rather than being stuck looking at the world through our forced gravitational perspective. Nesson takes inspiration from Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) and the Copernican Revolution. By shifting his perspective to imagining he was standing on Mars, he was able to theorize that the Earth (and all planets in our Solar System) revolved around the Sun rather than around Earth. Nesson’s photographs of cosmic truths and natural geometry seek to inspire viewers to shift their own viewpoints and see what new truths a novel perspective might deliver. 

“We are delighted to be able to feature Fern Nesson’s award-winning photography at Beacon Gallery. Her work is smart and thought-provoking, and her ability to create unedited abstractions from the everyday as well as capture architectural elements from unique angles makes her work exceptional,” Christine O’Donnell, Founder and Director of Beacon Gallery, says.

Nesson’s work will be on view from September 1st through October 29th, with an opening reception on the first of September from 5-8 pm. An online talk with Griffin Museum of Photography Executive Director, Crista Dix, will occur at 7 pm on Tuesday September 12th. A second reception will be hosted on October 6th from 5-8 pm in conjunction with SOWA’s First Friday. A final closing reception and exhibition walkthrough with Crista Dix will occur at 2 pm on Saturday October 28th. More information and registration details available on Beacon Gallery’s website

The exhibition is free and open to visitors Thursdays through Saturdays 12-5 pm, Sundays 11-4, and by appointment. 

About the Artist
Fern L. Nesson is a fine art photographer, lawyer, and American historian based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She creates spare, abstract photographs. Her images seek to showcase elements of physics, capturing notions of time, space, and how we, as viewers, perceive our surroundings. Nesson received her MFA in Photography from Maine Media College, where she also worked as the school’s first post-graduate Fellow. Her work has been exhibited at the MIT Museum Studio, at the Meta-Lab Gallery at Harvard, and the Auburn Art Gallery in Los Angeles, among others. Her photobook, Signet of Eternity, has been featured at the Davis-Orton Gallery as well as the Griffin Museum. 

About Beacon Gallery
Beacon Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Boston’s South End, providing a platform for emerging and established artists to deliver thought-provoking solo and group shows, and community-building events. As a partner to greater Boston’s artistic community, Beacon Gallery is committed to producing thoughtfully curated exhibitions that showcase original conceptual art and share compelling messages and unique perspectives. It aims to make art accessible to the general public, as well as collectors and institutions locally, nationally, and globally. For more information go to our website and follow us on Instagram

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