Authors Joanne M. Ebersole and Linda Mastromonaco Harris’s New Book ‘Killing You Feels So Good’ Follows an NYPD Detective as She Investigates a Gripping Murder Case

Recent release "Killing You Feels So Good" from Newman Springs Publishing authors Joanne M. Ebersole and Linda Mastromonaco Harris follows Jessie Dalton, an NYPD Homicide Detective who finds herself leading the investigation into a series of murders targeting the city's homeless population. Meanwhile, she must deal with her cousin's dark secret and family drama before another victim is killed.

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Joanne M. Ebersole, a poet who enjoys sketching with pastels and charcoal, and Linda Mastromonaco Harris, a teachers' aide mainly working with special needs or learning-disabled children, have completed their new book "Killing You Feels So Good": a captivating thriller that follows an NYPD detective as she delves into a gruesome murder case while trying to manage her own family's private and secretive affairs.

"NYPD Homicide Detective Jessie Dalton and her longtime partner, Yolanda Stevens, are currently investigating a rash of crimes against the city's homeless. Someone has been kidnapping, brutally torturing, and then murdering them, without leaving any evidence behind. The only pattern seems to be that they are homeless. They are being discarded randomly around the city, naked and scrubbed clean, making it impossible to figure out where they may have been or who has been doing this to them," said authors Joanne M. Ebersole and Linda Mastromonaco Harris.

"Jessie's cousin, Patrick, is a mystery writer with a dark mind and an even darker secret. He resides on Fishers Island, where he lives alone with only his staff around him. He has distanced himself from humanity and the family, or is it the family that prefers it that way?

"Jessie's brother, Andy, with his party boy lifestyle, has shown up just in time for a gathering of cousins that Patrick has called together to take place at their family's estate. The timing is inconvenient and is an unwanted distraction. She really doesn't need the family drama right now, but she knows that family always comes first.

"Jessie is a good cop with a good heart. Will she be able to deal with her family and solve these murders before another body turns up dead?"

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Joanne M. Ebersole and Linda Mastromonaco Harris's enthralling mystery will leave readers spellbound as they follow Jessie on her investigation into the harrowing murders spread across the city. Expertly paced and full of shocking revelations, readers who experience this unforgettable tale will find themselves on the edge of their seats with each turn of the page, desperate for more right up until the stunning conclusion.

Readers who wish to experience this chilling work can purchase "Killing You Feels So Good" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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