Author Stephanie Morgan’s new book, ‘A Life Divided’ is a faith-based tale of how she found faith at a time when she was furthest from God.

Recent release "A Life Divided" from Covenant Books author Stephanie Morgan is a spiritual tale providing hope for those who may have lost their way. By sharing her own story of her lowest lows and how her faith guided her through her darkest days, she shows how God's love heals the wounded.

CHANDLER, Ariz. - September 9, 2022 - (

Stephanie Morgan, a proud family matriarch who has been sober for five years, has completed her new book, "A Life Divided": a faith-based tale of her own struggle and strength.

Morgan shares, "A life divided is what got me into trouble. I thought I could live in the space in between choosing right or wrong. I learned the hard way when we refuse to make a decision, we are making a decision. The predicament I found myself in was of my own creation. I knew I was intentionally defying God. I did not know how far on the other side of that division I had gone. When I did, I laughed to myself and figured I might as well keep going. I wanted to know exactly how far was too far. I found out the hard way in 2018 after my life hung in the balance. Jesus gave me a second chance. I still chose to walk away even after a brief visit to hell. It had been another ten years before I finally gave in and allowed love to heal my wounded heart and mind."

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Stephanie Morgan's new book offers inspiration and hope to those who are struggling by sharing her own story of darkness and how finding faith allowed her to heal and move forward with her life.

Readers can purchase "A Life Divided" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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Original Source: Author Stephanie Morgan's new book, 'A Life Divided' is a faith-based tale of how she found faith at a time when she was furthest from God.