Author Judith Folse’s new Audiobook ‘Come to the River: A Short Survey of the Bible’ is a comprehensive tool for those seeking to study and better understand the Bible

Recent audiobook release "Come to the River: A Short Survey of the Bible" from Audiobook Network author Judith Folse gives an informative overview of each book of the Bible to help break down its messages for those who feel intimidated by the Bible's depth and complexity. Each section provides a summary and important verses from a book of the Bible and questions to help further one's study.

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Judith Folse, who worked as a tax professional and now hopes to foster unity among Christian denominations through writing, has completed her new audiobook "Come to the River: A Short Survey of the Bible": a thorough and easy to follow study guide for those seeking to delve into understanding the Bible's messages and create a stronger relationship with God's Holy Scripture.

"Most people would agree that the Bible is remarkable indeed and worthy of our attention," writes Folse. "But to many of us, it can seem hopelessly complex and so deep, it surpasses understanding. This very short survey is a brief overview to the books that comprise the whole canon of Scripture as originally accepted by the church. The entire Bible is one relevant story and can be applied to our everyday lives. This study focuses on key events and key verses in each Old and New Testament book that, together, become an overview of the storyline of God's love story with mankind."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Judith Folse's new audiobook delves into the messages of the Bible and provides an efficient study guide for those intimidated by the Holy Scripture's length and depth. Newcomers to the Bible will find an easy way to begin understanding God's Word, while those who are familiar with its text will find a new way to approach the familiar themes and stories found within.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Come to the River: A Short Survey of the Bible" by Judith Folse through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

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Original Source: Author Judith Folse's new Audiobook 'Come to the River: A Short Survey of the Bible' is a comprehensive tool for those seeking to study and better understand the Bible