Author Audie Ward’s New Book, ‘Angel Within: The Art of Mindfulness and Slaying Demons,’ is a Thrilling Tale of One Man’s Divine Destiny and His Struggle to Accept It

Recent release, "Angel Within: The Art of Mindfulness and Slaying Demons" by Newman Springs Publishing author Audie Ward, follows Sonny, an average Italian American with a not-so-average lineage as a descendent of Moses. Tasked with a destiny involving fighting demonic forces, Sonny finds himself bearing a cross he never wanted and struggling against his own inner demons.

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Audie Ward, a retired police sergeant with over two decades of experience in law enforcement, has completed his new book, "Angel Within: The Art of Mindfulness and Slaying Demons": a captivating and spellbinding tale of one young man's battle with mental health issues as well as demons, both his own and literal demons from Hell.

"There are thousands of people that suffer from anxiety, PTSD, or depression," writes Ward. "Everyone carries a cross or a burden in their minds that only they know about. For some, the weight is like a heavy coat; for others, the weight is like that of a piano. This book was written…to let people know that they are not alone. It's about faith and willpower and hopefully to inspire people to understand that their thoughts and will determine their realities. We create our own demons most of the time, and we are the only ones who can slay them. It is not my wish for notoriety. I hope everyone who reads this book can find something that resonates with them that leads to peace of mind and hope in their hearts. What we focus on, what we value, and the lives we lead are within our control. Breath and live in the moment."

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Audie Ward's fascinating tale follows Sonny, who learns he is a descendant of Moses and carries the divine burden of having to slay demons. Along the way, Sonny will have to learn to take on his mental struggles in this profound story of learning to let go of the things one cannot control and focusing on finding inner peace.

Readers who wish to experience this irreverent work can purchase "Angel Within: The Art of Mindfulness and Slaying Demons" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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