Releases Dynamic Findings Championing the Intersection of Art and Commercial Design

NEW YORK, Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Commercial arts consultancy, a division of Artrepreneur, announces the publication of their commercial design white paper, a results-focused exploration into the transformative power of art within the commercial design industry.

Taking inspiration from examples as varied as the ancient world’s Roman frescos to modern day industry innovators, this deep dive also looks towards science and psychology for compelling evidence, definitively proving that smart investments in art curation establish powerful visual identities and emotionally impactful guest experiences. Grace Cho CEO explains, “As many architects and designers have told us already, we fill a huge gap.  Art is the last step of the design process that takes a ton of time, and this is time that they can’t bill to clients. By partnering with us, they eliminate that hassle and secure art that elevates the desired look and feel of the new space. “

This white paper demonstrates that not taking shortcuts when it comes to art selection creates elevated, emotionally resonant experiences that lead to a loyal, repeat customer base while also showcasing innovative ways that companies can approach their visual problems. From helping customers foster a deeper connection with the local environment to promoting emotional health and feelings of connectivity, Artrepreneur effectively demonstrates that prioritizing a corporate art collection elevates a brand into a beacon of commercial excellence.

This white paper also supports its findings by examining fascinating scientific principles such as the Aesthetic Arousal Theory, the Emotional Resonance Principle, and the Mirror Neuron System. These theories offer a glimpse into the human psyche while ultimately validating the importance of thoughtful art selections for commercial designers.

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