Atlanta Couple Donates First RFT’s on Anniversary of Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

Atlanta Couple Donates First RFT’s on Anniversary of Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

ATLANTA, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Metro Productions, LLC owners Karen and Troy Burns announce their desire to donate 100% of the proceeds of the first Real Fungible Tokens to appropriate non-profits serving Ukrainian refugees and the restoration of the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris.

Troy Burns states “We created the first Real Fungible Token January 1, 2022 to benefit the restoration of the spire of Notre Dame de Paris. We had the print that appeared in Donald Glover’sAtlantaSpire Over the Seine, an image we photographed in 2002 from the tower of the cathedral looking up the Seine. When the spire fell into the flames of Notre Dame we wanted to find a way for our image of the spire to play a role in restoring it.

The image Spire Over the Seine was photographed on Ilford HP5 35mm black and white film with a 14mm fish eye lens. We bundled the only silver gelatin print ever printed by Karen in this size with the negative, rights of reproduction, and a 15% artist’s royalty on resale and licensing to create the Real Fungible Token, the RFT.”

Shortly after minting the RFT Spire Over the Seine, Vladimir Putin launched a criminal invasion of Ukraine creating a refugee crisis that would separate children and families that had been living in peace and stability the day before the invasion.

As the conflict grew, the number of refugees fleeing for safety increased. Images of sunflowers and the Ukrainian flag began to circulate on Facebook. Waking up from a dream, Troy remembered an image of a field of sunflowers that the couple photographed in 2014 on Kodak HIE High Speed Infrared film. Troy and Karen decided they wanted to mint a second RFT Exodus to benefit charitable organizations working with Ukrainian war refugees, with an emphasis on women and children.

Anyone interested in purchasing or auctioning these RFT’s can contact Troy Burns. 100% of the proceeds of both RFT’s will be paid by the purchaser to the appropriate charities identified by the couple to be properly serving the causes the RFT’s were minted to benefit. A 5% document fee will be added to the transaction to cover the legal documents necessary to convey the rights, print and negative of the respective RFT. 

About Karen Images is an Atlanta-based commercial photography and video production agency operated by Karen and Troy Burns. The couple also offers executive headshots on location, corporate communications, event production, live multi-camera broadcasting, and a host of commercial photography and video services. The couple’s first documentary, College Park a Purposeful Renaissance, aired on PBA 30 in 2016. Metro Productions is an SBA recognized Woman Owned Small Business with a DBE rating in Commercial Photography and Film Making.

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