Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Haptics, Robotics, and Display Technologies Showcase How SIGGRAPH Fosters Growth and Innovation

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Haptics, Robotics, and Display Technologies Showcase How SIGGRAPH Fosters Growth and Innovation

Contributors to the SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies, Immersive Pavilion, and VR Theater Demonstrate These Advancements and Evolution of Technology

CHICAGO, July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SIGGRAPH 2023, the premier conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques, marks its 50th year of breakthroughs and innovation by highlighting the development of emerging technologies over the years. This year’s contributions will showcase the developments in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, haptics, robotics, and display technologies. The 50th annual conference runs 6–10 August 2023 in person in Los Angeles, with a companion Virtual Access component.

SIGGRAPH conferences often launch experimental developments and projects that then are utilized by the mainstream in the day-to-day. These technologies evolve to become more complete and ready to deploy in real-life applications. Scientists, engineers, artists, designers, programmers, researchers, and inventors, among others, conceive of innovations that have the potential to shift the way consumers work, socialize, and play in mixed reality and shared spaces.

“Technology is important to the SIGGRAPH community, and we have always worked to be the catalyst for technological advancements that improve and enhance the way people live,” said Dr. Mashhuda Glencross, SIGGRAPH 2023 Emerging Technologies Chair. “As technology shifts to change the way in which we interact with computer generated environments, data, and people, our community responds and amazes with more innovation. Historically, these emerging technologies and developments that are first shown at SIGGRAPH have had major impact in the real world, and I expect no less with this year’s Emerging Technologies contributions.”

Advancements in display technologies is a key focus of SIGGRAPH 2023 Emerging Technologies installations, with developments in virtual reality headsets, near-eye displays, and an AI-mediated video conferencing system. The “AI-mediated 3D Video Conferencing” project by Michael Stengel et al., is a 3D video conferencing system that can reconstruct and autostereoscopically display a life-sized talking head using consumer-grade computer resources and minimal capture equipment. A virtual reality head-mounted display that can achieve near retinal resolution, supporting a wide range of eye accommodation and matching the dynamics of eye accommodation is showcased with the “Retinal-resolution Varifocal VR” installation from Yang Zhao et al. The “Neural Holographic Near-eye Displays for Virtual Reality,” from Suyeon Choi et al., has the ability to produce full 3D depth cues, correct for visual aberrations, and lower power consumption. A prototype holographic display, the installation will demonstrate how Neural Holography algorithms have taken significant strides toward unlocking this potential.

The Immersive Pavilion celebrates the evolution of augmented, virtual, and mixed realities, and makes the connection between past, present, and future advancements. This year’s content demonstrates the opportunities for collaboration and more immersive storytelling and connecting emotionally in a different reality. With “Heightened Empathy: A Multi-user Interactive Experience in a Bioresponsive Virtual Reality,” by Mark Armstrong et al., users are immersed in a VR representation of each other’s emotional states while also reflecting this to the audience. The three modes are designed to stimulate cognitive, emotional, and compassionate empathy. From Ke-Fan Lin et al., “Actualities: Seamless Live Performance With the Physical and Virtual Audiences in Multiverse” is a seamless live performance provided for on-site and online audiences synchronously, allowing virtual and physical audiences to interact with each other in the multiverse. Both audiences are part of the performance and can influence the visual showing on the screen or personal devices.

The SIGGRAPH 2023 VR Theater strives to create memorable experiences in a world of immersive storytelling through its jury-selected short-form works. The VR Theater presents the creations from those working in a medium without walls or frames. This year’s showcase includes “Lustration,” from executive producer Nathan Anderson, a four-part animated series that follows a group of characters from both the real world and afterlife. Viewers can actively explore the environment while watching the illustrative art style, different camera angles with changing scenes, and perspectives that keep the viewers engaged. From director Charuvit Wannissorn, “Luna: Episode 1 – Left Behind” is an interactive VR story about a robot and a little girl trying to survive an AI apocalypse. With a branching narrative and creative use of voice, the story utilizes a unique facet of VR where the audience embodies a character to feel like a part of the story.

Learn more about how SIGGRAPH 2023 is demonstrating the evolution of technology by reviewing Emerging Technologies, Immersive Pavilion, and VR Theater content on the full program. For more information about the conference, opportunities, or to register to attend in person or online, go to

ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, uniting educators, researchers, and professionals to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address the field’s challenges. ACM SIGGRAPH is a special interest group within ACM that serves as an interdisciplinary community for members in research, technology, and applications in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The SIGGRAPH conference is the world’s leading annual interdisciplinary educational experience showcasing the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques. SIGGRAPH 2023, the 50th annual conference hosted by ACM SIGGRAPH, will take place live 6–10 August at the Los Angeles Convention Center, along with a Virtual Access option.


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