Announcing ‘Old Habits for the New World,’ by James J. Michaels, the First Volume of His ‘Five Decades of Deceit’

In Recognition of Yale University's 322nd Foundation date, Oct. 9, 1701, and the 191st year of its infamously private and prestigious secret society, Skull & Bones, otherwise known as Club 322, the author celebrates his own anniversary with the release of this debut publication.

Old Habits for The New World

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Author James J. Michaels announces the release of his new book, "Old Habits for the New World," whose introduction explores several events that led to the discovery of America, recapping some from as early as the beginning of Christianity, and depositing the reader into America’s struggle for independence. The book focuses on the decades of 1770-1820 AD. 

With a thorough insight into the country's history, including several European occurrences, the book encompasses a panoramic perspective of both popular and little-known events and explores the similarities that connect many of them together, free from the influences of those dominant in the era discussed. From Paul Revere’s infamous ride to the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, the volume serves as a brainstorming session for its readers.

Mr. Michaels thanks his family, historians, researchers, and several critical thinkers through whom he has been able to interpret these historic events and write his historiography ever more clearly. Mr. Michaels acknowledges several published authors, along with the many resources from which he drew his inspiration: from Fr. Amiot’s translation of "The Art of War" to Zachary K. Hubbard’s "Number Games", this work has been strengthened and solidified to present history as an interwoven mosaic of time and space. With much gratitude, the author thanks Mr. Hubbard for his keen insight and credits him for his assistance in titling this volume "Old Habit for the New World".

Suitable for all readers, this book is a unique addition to the literary works of history, particularly for world history students and individuals pursuing American history, international relations, and independent journalism. 

About James J. Michaels 

James J. Michaels is an American Air Force veteran, family man, and independent researcher of world history. His debut book, “Old Habits for the New World” reviews interesting historical connections which otherwise may have continued to remain random and obscure, and wholly unconnected to each other. 

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