AMBI Announces the Launch of the Brand’s New Dark Spot Fade Collection

AMBI, the trusted name in skincare with award-winning products proven to cleanse, treat and moisturize skin of color for over 50 years, is excited to announce the launch of the Dark Spot Fade Collection. Priced affordably, each under $10, the collection includes the Even & Clear Fade CreamEven & Clear Fade Serum Retinol and the Advanced Even & Clear Fade Cream. These formulations are hydroquinone-free and are specifically made to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and deliver smooth, even-toned skin.

"AMBI has been a beloved brand for people of color for over half a century," says Tricia McKenzie, AMBI Senior Brand Manager. "We're excited to bring to market the new hydroquinone-free formulas that resolve consumer's challenges with hyperpigmented skin while providing extra care with products that prioritize skin health." 

The new Dark Spot Fade Collection is made up of three formulas that provide high-quality, affordable skincare solutions. The new collection includes:

Even & Clear Fade Cream (30 mL): Made to gradually fade and correct moderate dark spots caused by acne, uneven skin tone and discoloration.

  • The treatment works to smooth skin and reduce hyperpigmentation 
  • This formula is designed to improve the overall appearance of healthy skin 

Even & Clear Fade Serum Retinol (30 mL): This is a non-irritating retinol that works to even out skin texture and reduce the appearance of dark spots. 

  • Key ingredients include Niacinamide and encapsulated retinol to help address hyperpigmentation and smooth dark marks 
  • The formula is made to improve texture, the appearance of pores and skin tone evenness 

Advanced Even & Clear Fade Cream (30 mL): This product is formulated with 5% Niacinamide, Licorice Root Extract and PHA, combined to help reduce the appearance of even the most stubborn dark spots

  • The advanced formula works to boost brightness and fight hyperpigmentation 

Striving to produce high-quality products for diverse skin tones, AMBI is proud to share that the new Dark Spot Fade Collection formulas are hydroquinone-free, providing users with safe treatments that deliver purposeful results.

The Dark Spot Fade Collection is now available at Walmart, CVS, Target and Family Dollar.


AMBI, The Skin Tone Authority, is Scientifically Proven Skincare for Skin of Color. For over 50 years, the brand has catered to the skincare needs of People of Color — with cleansers, toners and moisturizers formulated to provide smooth, even-toned, flawless-looking skin. AMBI is best known for its dermatologist-recommended fade creams, which help fade dark spots and skin discoloration. Made for and by those with diverse skin tones, you can trust AMBI. 

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