A Recent Survey Reveals That Customers Love Interacting With Inspirata’s Products and Team

Oncology informatics company Inspirata recently reached out to several hundred customer sites with an invitation to participate in a Customer Satisfaction survey. The company collected more than 60 responses, representing healthcare organizations varying in size, geography, and the Inspirata product they have been using. 

The survey results reveal a strikingly high percentage of Inspirata customers (92%) who express strong overall satisfaction. Putting this in terms of a well-understood and standardized metric, the company's net promoter score (NPS) stands at 56, which places Inspirata in the 100th percentile of the software industry, according to benchmarks on Delighted.com (a website run by Qualtrics, an industry-leader in market research technology). 

"We are delighted to see such a level of enthusiasm among our customers as we recognize how high an NPS of 56 compares to mainstay brands in healthcare technology. According to recent publicly available data, IQVIA has an NPS of 28, while Epic's NPS is 30. It is very exciting to see Inspirata comparing favorably against some of the largest players in the industry," said Emil Mladenov, VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Inspirata.

The high ratings can be attributed to customers' strong appreciation of both Inspirata's products and the support the Inspirata team is providing when needed.

On the product side, customers report their teams are experiencing average productivity gains between 45% and 50% from using Inspirata products. Nine out of 10 customers are satisfied with product stability.

"Inspirata's products are deeply rooted in AI and NLP technology that the company has been developing in collaboration with the NCI's SEER program and hundreds of healthcare institutions over two decades. Many other vendors offering AI or NLP still struggle with accuracy and reliability. This is why we are extremely proud to see less than 2% of our customers expressing concerns with the accuracy of our technology. Knowing that our existing customers are getting the results they expect gives us strong confidence when we speak to new customers," said Jesse Turner, VP of Sales at Inspirata.

"While very much pleased to see these results, my team and I are not surprised that customers recognize the accuracy and stability of our technology," said George Cernile, VP of AI and NLP Technology at Inspirata. "These results align closely with the Quality Control (QC) studies that we periodically do with our customers. For example, since the beginning of 2020, over more than 40 QC studies, we see sensitivity of 99% and specificity of 98%, with very little variation - only within several percentage points - across the various sites where our products are installed. That demonstrates successfully scaling the technology across different systems and physicians, which can be a significant challenge for most AI and NLP solutions."

On the customer support side, 96% of customers who had needed help are satisfied with the services provided by the Inspirata team. This is further evidenced by extremely positive quotes provided by survey respondents, such as the following two examples:

  • "I love the level of customer service that Inspirata provides." - A verbatim quote from a user at a Georgia-based medical center.
  • "The customer service has been top notch every time I have needed to contact them." - a verbatim quote from a user at a university hospital in New Jersey.

"We strive for excellence in every single interaction we have with our customers," said Laure Tessier-Delivuk, VP of Operations at Inspirata. "What we see in the Customer Satisfaction survey correlates very well with the feedback we collect after closing every single support ticket. Over the past two years, we've maintained a 4.9 out of 5 for overall level of satisfaction related to how we handle customer requests."

Inspirata has also leveraged the data from the Customer Satisfaction survey to learn about potential product areas for improvement or identify unaddressed customer needs. The company is confident that drawing up action plans to incorporate as many of customers' suggestions as possible would make the next generation of products even more impactful and easier to use.

"The survey gives us access to very interesting data. The good news is that for every feature request made in the survey, we have already managed to add a user story to our product roadmap. Many of these new features or functionalities are on track to be delivered before the end of the year," said Tim Masters, Director of Product Management and Design. 

To learn more about the company, its portfolio of solutions, the decades of work dedicated to refining its AI and NLP technology for clinical data use cases, and the team behind all this, please visit Inspirata.com.

About Inspirata

Inspirata, Inc. helps patients fighting cancer—and the clinicians they trust—to make every moment matter. We are an oncology informatics company that offers several innovative software solutions leveraging scalable AI and NLP in the clinical trial and cancer registry spaces. Refined over two decades in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and used by hundreds of healthcare institutions globally, our proprietary NLP engine is at the heart of Trial Navigator, our growing suite of fully automated clinical trial matching solutions, and E-Path Plus, our industry-leading cancer registry reporting and data abstraction solution. 

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Original Source: A Recent Survey Reveals That Customers Love Interacting With Inspirata's Products and Team