A Night of Impact: Highlighting the Unprecedented Success of the 1st Annual 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards

The 1st Annual 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards concluded on a high note, shining a spotlight on exceptional individuals and organizations that have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to conscious living.

The 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards, which took place on July 30, 2023, celebrated a diverse range of nominees and winners who are making a significant positive impact on society and the environment.

The Conscious Awards, a first-of-its-kind, sought to recognize and celebrate individuals and entities that have demonstrated a deep commitment to raising consciousness and inspiring positive social impact through their work in film, music, television, digital media, and other entertainment avenues. 

The event saw a remarkable turnout of over 1,200 attendees, including thought leaders, entertainers, artists, and social media influencers. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and a shared commitment to fostering positive change. The awards ceremony featured inspiring speeches, entertainment, live performances, a red-carpet experience, and ample networking opportunities, creating a platform for attendees to connect, collaborate, and amplify their collective impact.

"Through the 1st Annual 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards, we've illuminated the path towards awakening minds and igniting spirits. This success is a testament to our collective pursuit of higher consciousness, a journey where knowledge meets empowerment, and where unity births a brighter future for all," Billy Carson, CEO of 4biddenknowledge was quoted as stating.

From live music performances to honoring the winners of each category, the Conscious Awards was an evening to remember. There were exhilarating performances by Billy Carson, Dame Dash, Donny Arcade, & Crewz, and winners were acknowledged in a span of various categories. The winners were as follows; 

Spiritual leader- Michael Beckwith, Podcast/radio host- 19 Keys, Music artist/producer- Donny Arcade, Television hosts/actor- Robert Grant, Entrepreneur- Dame Dash, Field researchers/archeologists- Dr. Robert Schoch, Social media influencer- Danica Patrick, Director/producer- Caroline Cory, Authors- Matthew LaCroix, Health and wellness- Clint Ober, Space anomaly hunters-Neville Thompson, Philanthropists- Chaka Bars, Activists- Zeek of New Era, Disclosure for Humanity- Dr. Steven Greer, Orator- Jimmy Church, Conscious TV Producer- Sid Goldberg and Melissa Tittl, Humanitarian- David Icke, Conscious Promoter- Richard Merritt AKA Blackmagik363, Leadership- Billy Carson, Executive of the year- Elisabeth Hoekstra, and Lifetime Achievement- Dr. Daniel Amen. Each recipient received a beautiful award symbolizing their commitment to creating a more conscious world.

"Success is the harmony of like minds, working together towards a common vision.  The 1st Annual 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards was proof of the collective goal to create a better world for us all." Elisabeth Hoekstra, 4biddenknowledge Inc.

The 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards inspires others to think creatively and develop groundbreaking solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. The success of the event has ignited anticipation for future award shows, as it aims to evolve into a global platform that inspires, educates, and celebrates others on an even grander scale.

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