ZetrOZ Strives for Increased Recognition in Prioritizing the Critical Healing and Repair Process that Continues After Pain Subsides

A sam® regimen prioritizes healing beyond the pain to emphasize the importance of returning patients fully back to health to minimize the risk of chronic, recurring injuries.

TRUMBULL, Conn. - September 30, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Recovery from a soft tissue injury isn't finished simply because the pain has subsided. Noncompliance due to patients doing too much too soon can prevent soft tissue from fully healing, resulting in chronic instability, chronic pain, and scar tissue. ZetrOZ Systems, developers of the sam® ultrasound device, is pushing for improved education for this critical repair process that can ensure healing beyond the patient's experience with pain as a result of the injury.

Adherence to a sam® regimen across the repair phase is a necessary and safe intervention to ensure patients avoid chronic, recurring injuries. Instructing patients on the need to comply and persist with a multi-hour treatment regimen with the sam® device at least five days per week through the duration of the repair phase is critical for physicians and therapists and essential to the patient's complete recovery.

Moderate to severe injuries entail the patient incurring a partial or complete tissue tear. The healing process occurs in three phases: the inflammatory phase, which can often last up to one week; the repair phase, which can last up to six to eight weeks; and the remodeling phase, which can last up to 12 months. For these moderate to severe injuries, patients must allow adequate time for the injured tissue to fully heal throughout the repair phase.

2019 research study on Lateral ankle sprains in the Journal of Athletic Training found that 40% of these types of soft tissue injuries lead to chronic instability, persistent pain and swelling, injury recurrence, and a permanent loss of function. Recurring injuries and pain are often associated with persistent use of pain medications, leading to complications including medication tolerance and addiction.

From a productivity standpoint, using pain medications for long-term pain management can be problematic for employees and employers. According to research from the Integrated Benefits Institute:

  • Workers on pain medications miss 29 days per year from work versus 10 days per year lost for those not on chronic medication. 
  • The use of prescription pain medications is associated with approximately 261 lost workdays per 1,000 workers per month.
  • Problematic use of pain relievers was associated with 2.0 absences per month per person, or more than two times the number of absences compared with non-users.

"We must consider that preventing injuries from fully healing has a high likelihood of impacting one's quality of life even after the injury," said George K. Lewis, Ph.D. and CEO of ZetrOZ Systems. "In this case especially, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We must help change patients' mindset and place more emphasis on the importance of the entire healing process." 

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