Xinhua Silk Road: Chinese Lingzhi brand Longevity Valley promotes inheritance of a century-old national treasure to Brunei foreign envoys

BEIJING, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A delegation of the renowned Chinese Lingzhi brand, Zhejiang Longevity Valley Botanical Co., Ltd, recently visited the Embassy of Brunei Darussalam in China to showcase Chinese traditional culture and wisdom of health philosophy embedded in the brand to Brunei.

The visit to the embassy is the first activity of the “Promoting Century-old Chinese Legacy and Sharing Health with the World – Introducing Chinese Brand Longevity Valley to Foreign Envoys” series, and marked a successful attempt at the internationalization of Chinese traditional medicine for Longevity Valley.

During the visit, Li Zhenyu, the general manager of Zhejiang Longevity Valley Botanical Co., Ltd, presented the Ambassador of Brunei to China, Pehin Dato Rahmani Dato Basir, with the brand’s iconic product, Xiancao Lingzhi. Li also elaborated on the fact that the name Longevity Valley was inspired by traditional Chinese philosophy, symbolizing “longevity and an enjoyable place to live.”

Bruneian Ambassador to China Rahmani acknowledged the long-standing history of economic, trade, and cultural exchanges between Brunei and China as a solid foundation for the spread of Chinese traditional medicine culture in Brunei. He went on to highlight the strengthened exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in recent years, particularly in the context of China’s vigorous promotion of traditional Chinese medicine development, making it an important area of collaboration.

Acknowledging the potential for cooperation between China and Brunei, the Ambassador welcomed Chinese enterprises to invest and cooperate with local businesses, further promoting cooperation in various fields such as economy and trade.

According to Li, Longevity Valley has dedicated over 40 years towards researching and developing a comprehensive technology system that caters to the entire Chinese medicine industry chain. This includes areas such as breeding, cultivation, deep processing, pharmacology research, clinical trials, and standard setting.

Longevity Valley has not only bred 10 new high-quality strains of Lingzhi, dendrobium officinale, and other products with independent intellectual property rights, but has also obtained organic certifications from countries and regions such as China, Europe Union (EU), the United States, and Japan, according to Li Zhenyu.

In recent years, with the increasing internationalization of Chinese enterprises, traditional Chinese medicine has played a significant role in promoting cultural exchanges and mutual learning between China and other nations.

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