Vladimir Kush Releases ‘Metaphorical Journey’ to Commemorate Lahaina, HI

In commemoration of Lahaina, Hawaii, world-renowned artist Vladimir Kush announces the release of his Masterpiece compilation, "Metaphorical Journey", in a very special size and edition. This limited edition print on canvas is a "thank you" to all of his collectors and fans for being such an important part of Kush Fine Art in Maui. 

This compilation painting was the first limited edition print sold upon opening his first gallery (Kush Fine Art) in Lahaina, HI, in the year 2001. Welcoming thousands of visitors every year since then, his connection to Maui, and especially to the historic town of Lahaina, is undeniable. Many of his artworks include symbolisms that showcase the inspiration rooted from the magic of Hawaii.

"In 2001, I finished the painting Metaphorical Journey, and you can recognize all the clouds ... they are definitely Hawaiian clouds. This painting illustrates the life journey for everyone, but for me specifically, it was the journey from the homeland to the promised land, and the promised land was always associated with Hawai'i." - Vladimir Kush

Visitors from all over the globe discovered Metaphorical Realism for the first time in Maui, and those memories will never be forgotten. For many, Kush's art will always be a connection to Lahaina and Maui. His gallery was a very important part of the town, almost a landmark and a "must-see". At the same time, this historic and magical town will always be a very important part of Kush's journey and history. 

Kush created his own genre of art known as "Metaphorical Realism", which implies the possibility of truthful depiction of the material world and combines it with his own vision of cultural world traditions and mythology. In his first publication or catalog of coffee table books, also titled "Metaphorical Journey", he provides the reader a guide to his journey and exposes the mythical-poetical background on which art bearing the VK emblem can be most easily observed. 

Visit or call Kush Fine Art Galleries in Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, and Miami Beach, and explore a collection of original paintings, limited edition prints on different mediums, bronze and silver sculptures, a metaphorical jewelry line, coffee table books and art catalogs, and a wearable art collection by the Metaphorical Realist. 

For more information, visit www.kushfineart.com or contact [email protected]. Follow Kush and his galleries on Instagram, Facebook, X and Threads.

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