Vizient, Inc. Awards National Contract to PDC for Medical Labels

Three-Year Contract Offers Leading Medical Labels to Vizient Members for Accurate Identification, Compliance and Efficiency

PDC Medical Labels and Thermal Printer

PDC Medical Labels being printed in a PDC Thermal Printer

PDC, a global leader in healthcare identification and patient safety solutions, announced today that it has been awarded a contract with Vizient, Inc., the nation's leading healthcare performance improvement company. 

The contract, effective March 1, 2023, gives Vizient members access to increased savings for the PDC medical label portfolio, which is the largest in the industry. It includes pharmacy labels, laboratory labels, chart labels, pre-printed communication labels, anesthesia labels, anesthesia tapes and more.

PDC, a manufacturer of a full suite of patient ID solutions including wristbands, printers and scanners, also holds a national Vizient contract for patient ID wristbands. The addition of the medical labels contract allows PDC to offer a complete patient identification solution to Vizient members, helping to consolidate their supply chain, stabilize pricing and avoid supply chain disruption.

"PDC is honored to continue our relationship with Vizient to provide its members increased savings with a complete patient identification solution. Our portfolio helps healthcare providers be more efficient, reduce medical errors and increase patient safety. With the addition of this contract, we're able to expand these benefits to a larger number of Vizient members," said Sean Souffie, Vice President of North America Sales. 

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