UCASU updates renovation progress of legendary landmark Rufus Rose House

ATLANTA, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — UC Asset LP (OTCQB: UCASU)’s management confirms today that solid progress has been made regarding the renovation work on a historic landmark owned by the company, the Rufus Rose House.

“We have recently received several inquiries from concerning parties, both online and offline, some of which question whether any progress has been made in renovating Rufus Rose House, as the exterior and the surroundings of the property have not shown many improvements. It still looks like an abandoned house from outside,” says Jason Armstrong, manager of UC Asset.

“We can assure those concerning parties that the renovation is progressing as planned. However, the City of Atlanta has designated this house as a Landmark Building Exterior (since 1989), which means that we are not allowed to make any permanent changes to the exterior, including the surroundings, of the property without a special permit. In the absence of such a permit, we are not even allowed to pressure wash the wall, or to clean up the graffiti. The exterior has to remain the same, while we have been renovating the property interiorly,” continues Mr. Armstrong.

In particular, the whole house has been reframed, including the roof, drywalls, and subfloors. Old and damaged studs have been replaced with new ones. In some areas, the whole wooden frames have been replaced. This work has eliminated any imminent risk of structural failure, and laid the foundation for further renovation.

Meanwhile, most utilities, including power, water, and mail service, have been restored. A new HVAC system will be installed soon, and a fire suppression system will be set up to prevent fire hazards.

All the works have been conducted under a building permit received last December. However, this building permit does not authorize any exterior works, for which the company must apply for a permit for Landmark Building Exterior.

Armstrong confirms that the company is working with specialists, including those of historic building renovation, to initiate the application for such a permit. It may require an extended period of reviewing process before such a permit may be issued. However, Armstrong is positive that time is at the company’s side.

“This 122-year-old property is one of the oldest buildings, and the only standing Victorian mansion, in downtown Atlanta. And it is merely one block from the tallest building, the Bank of America Tower, in this city. This uniqueness determines its irreplaceable value, both cultural and economic, which we believe will only grow higher over time,” asserts Armstrong.

The company affirms that it is renovating the property into a dual role building similar to the Empire State Building in the New York city, to become a state-of-the-art office building as well as a landmark attraction.

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