To “Let the world remember Chengdu”, the painter, Lin Yue, designs the exhibition of “Sculptures In The Garden”

CHENGDU, China, July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On July 22, 2023, “Sculptures In The Garden”, the first Chengdu young sculptors nomination exhibition, is held in “Lin Yue Art Garden” in Chengdu, China. The exhibition is initiated by the Yue Art Museum founded by the famous Chinese painter Lin Yue, and several young sculptors in Chengdu.

41 young sculptors under the age of 45 residing in Chengdu are invited to participate in the exhibition, with a total of 103 art works, full of youth, vitality, and lively artistic temperament.

The exhibition aims to greeting the opening of the Chengdu Universiade through the beauty of sculptures in youth sculpture works, and sharing the wonderful story of Chengdu’s globalization with the world.

The designer and organizer of this sculpture exhibition is Mr. Lin Yue, a well-known Chinese painter, who is famous for painting Tibetan mastiffs and has introduced them to the world through his paintings.

In July 2023, at the time of the Chengdu Universiade, how to make the university students around the world see the spirit and artistic style of Chengdu? Lin Yue, the famous painter, comes up with the idea of using a sculpture exhibition to let the world remember the city.

Under his leadership, young sculptors in Chengdu take action, and after several months of hard efforts, 103 works are perfectly presented in the Lin Yue Art Garden.

The theme of this exhibition is “Sculptures in the Garden”, which combines artistic ideas and reflections. The artists use their works to explore, extend and present the theme in multiple ways. Meanwhile, they also show the public their pursuit of art, as well as their attitudes towards life. As the German philosopher Hegel said, “Art is food for the spirit and a paradise for the soul.” In this exhibition, visitors can enjoy inner peace, feel the charm of the sculptures, and ponder the meaning of life.

The promotion work of this exhibition was assisted by the Sichuan Youcheng International Cultural Exchange Center, and international students from multiple universities in Chengdu were invited to participate in art discussions in advance.

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