The American Pakistan Foundation Announces First-Ever Rising Stars List — Women Who Soar 2023

After a rigorous selection process, APF is released its first-ever Rising Stars — Women Who Soar 2023 List showcasing the achievements of commendable women among the Pakistani-American diaspora. The Pakistani-American diaspora is often overlooked but as of 2022, the population of Pakistan is 231.4 million (fifth-largest country in the world) and there are approximately 640,000 Pakistani-Americans living in the United States.

American Pakistan Foundation released its one-of-a-kind APF Rising Stars — Women Who Soar 2023 List on Wednesday, April 19, 2023. This milestone is a major move for APF to push for its promotion and celebration of inspirational Pakistani-American women who excel in their fields and work to build bridges with the Pakistani-American community. 

  • The selected women represent a plethora of diverse careers and backgrounds ranging from technology and media to politics, medicine, and academia.
  •  APF plans to interview the selected women in the coming months to showcase the work they do to bridge Pakistani-American identities and highlight how they serve as a role model for the young Pakistani-American community. 

"It is remarkable to see Pakistani-American women in the limelight — showcasing their incredible achievements. Women like Malala Yousafzai, activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner; Lina Khan, head of the FTC; and Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, first Pakistani Academy Award-winning filmmaker — but behind these giants, there are incredible women who are pillars of our community who often don't get the recognition they deserve," said Anna Khan, a venture capitalist and board of directors member of the APF — who spearheaded this initiative. 

The vision behind this initiative was to empower these incredible women within our communities and highlight their achievements and struggles so they can serve as role models for others in the community. The representation of diverse fields will prove that, with ample motivation, Pakistani-American women can excel in a range of careers and guide others along the way as well.

APF hopes that that the Pakistani-American diaspora will join it in celebrating the achievements of these phenomenal women and learn more about their work in the coming months. 

About American Pakistan Foundation: 

The American Pakistan Foundation (APF) was founded in 2009 by Pakistani-American community members who wanted to create a platform for giving back to Pakistan and the United States. APF is the first-of-its-kind 501(c)(3) organization that cultivates a nuanced and comprehensive approach to the connections between both countries. For more information:

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