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TAIPEI, Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — To aggregate an increased volume of Taiwanese content for global audiences and foster collaboration opportunities between Taiwan and the international community, Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) has officially launched “Taiwan’s International Co-funding Program 2.0″ (TICP 2.0). This program aims to closely align with international market investment patterns and meet the actual needs of industry participants, facilitating investment projects on a larger scale and supporting the production of diverse content. The goal is to increase collaboration opportunities between Taiwan and the international community, promoting Taiwanese talents and works on the global stage.

The original “International Co-funding Program (TICP)” has invested in 37 projects, establishing a reputation internationally and achieving notable success. Recent examples include the film “The Last Queen,” co-produced by Taiwan, France, and Algeria, which won awards at the Red Sea Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival, and “For My Country,” co-produced by Taiwan and France, which was nominated in the “Orizzonti” category at the 79th Venice International Film Festival.

To better align with international market demands and enhance investment effectiveness, TAICCA has optimized and upgraded the original international cooperation investment program, introducing “Taiwan’s International Co-funding Program 2.0″ (TICP 2.0). Industry participants can submit projects based on their needs or budgetary considerations. Future projects should incorporate the following three elements: Taiwanese elements, international joint ventures or co-productions, and international distribution channels. These projects will undergo an investment evaluation and review process.

TAICCA emphasizes that international cooperation investment has always been a key focus. During the optimization and upgrade process, applications and reviews for the program have continued, with recent applications including TaiwanJapan co-productions, Taiwan-Korea co-productions, and TaiwanMalaysia co-productions.

The upgraded program focuses on three key points:

  1. Increased Investment Ratio: To encourage projects with significant Taiwanese elements, for projects with a higher concentration of Taiwanese elements, the investment ceiling has been raised from 30% to 49%.
  2. Removal of Maximum Investment Amount: To facilitate the establishment of internationally significant investment projects in Taiwan, the original investment limit of $300,000 for a single project has been removed, enhancing the opportunity to obtain more financial support.
  3. Diversification of Investment Projects: To increase the international visibility of Taiwanese works, aside from investing in small to medium-sized non-commercial films, the optimized TICP 2.0 will also invest in a more diverse range of commercially viable films, documentaries, and other types of audiovisual works.

For details on the program, please visit (Mandarin): https://taicca.tw/article/c124d297
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