“Taiwan Acts!” Brings Sustainability to its Architectural Exhibition with ViewSonic’s Visual Solutions USA – English USA – English India – English

“Taiwan Acts!” Brings Sustainability to its Architectural Exhibition with ViewSonic’s Visual Solutions

USA – English

USA – English

India – English

The exhibition’s success highlights the potential of digital visual solutions to reduce waste and increase flexibility for exhibition curators

BREA, Calif., May 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Taiwan Acts! exhibition, which facilitates international exchange and dialogue about architecture between Eastern and Western cultures, was first introduced and gained popularity in Munich in 2021. The exhibition recently completed a successful showing in Prague through a collaboration between the curators and ViewSonic Corp., a global leader in visual solutions. This year, the curator applied cutting-edge display technology to showcase the diverse landscape of Taiwan’s architecture, delivering a perfect fusion of technology and art in an environmentally friendly way.

“By bringing Taiwan Acts! to the world, we hope to give people an opportunity to see the uniqueness of Taiwanese architecture and the social significance behind it, and to promote international cultural exchanges,” said Professor Chun-Hsiung Wang, curator of Taiwan Acts!. “Part of what makes the exhibition unique is how it focuses on the dialogue between architecture and society, and shines a light on real-world cases from local symbiosis and urban regeneration, to how Taiwanese architecture has been used in international aid efforts.”

This year’s iteration of the exhibition, entitled “Architecture in social dialogue”, features over 100 pieces of work ranging from traditional Taiwanese architecture to community regeneration projects. Which such a wide, diverse array of pieces to exhibit, the curators faced the challenge of showcasing all the artwork in an immersive yet and sustainable approach. To address this challenge, the curation team turned to digital visual solutions.

At the Prague exhibition, the traditional bulletin boards were replaced with multi-functional digital posters, and interactive displays showcased sketches and 3D drafts of the architecture, allowing visitors to appreciate design details through interactive participation. To further explore the uniqueness and social significance of Taiwan’s architecture, documentaries were played on a 135″ LED display and ultra-short-throw projector, creating an immersive atmosphere.

“Digitalization of exhibitions is a trend we’ve seen gaining pace in recent years. We used different visual solutions to present interactive multimedia materials such as photos, videos, and documentaries, combined with physical models, all of which would lead visitors to the construction site—almost as if they were there,” Professor Wang explained. “By utilizing digital equipment, we have minimized our use of printing and wooden materials, thus helping us achieve our sustainability goals, while allowing us to replicate the exhibition easily. This has made it easier to transport the exhibition to other locations, thereby allowing more people to view it. Additionally, digitalization has also halved the time required to set up the exhibition.”

“ViewSonic has a long-standing commitment to supporting the art and exhibition industry with cutting-edge visual solutions. From digital signage to interactive displays, projection, and large-scale LED displays, the company provides immersive and interactive viewing solutions for curators,” said Clifford Chen, General Manager of the Presentation Group at ViewSonic. “We are pleased to join Taiwan Acts! again to share the incredible uniqueness of Taiwanese architecture with the rest of the world. We look forward to working towards a future of art curation that is both immersive and interactive, as well as environmentally friendly, with powerful display solutions that solve real pain points for the industry.”  

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