Study Shows Olleyes VisuALL-K to Be Effective Perimeter for Pediatric Patients That Also Increases Satisfaction

Perimetry, or mapping of the visual field (VF), provides valuable information regarding the integrity of the afferent visual pathways but can be a challenge to complete on children. The test is monotonous, and the machines are built to accommodate adults, which may result in incorrect positioning and discomfort. These limitations may lead to poor performance by children or sometimes preclude testing altogether. 

VisuALL-K leverages virtual reality technology as part of an innovative platform that can be used to map VF defects. The VisuALL-K uses a cloud-based server and the Olleyes web application, which allows office staff to monitor and test anywhere in the clinic. The head-mounted device is adjustable to the smaller head of many pediatric patients, allowing for a better fit and comfort. 

The study conducted at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, in collaboration with the University of Iowa and Wheaton Eye Clinic, shows that the Olleyes VisuALL-K was able to effectively map out the visual field of pediatric patients while also increasing their satisfaction with the testing procedure. The patients found the headset more engaging and were more willing to complete the testing requested.

"We are excited to offer this new visual field testing device to families and their children," said Dr. Sylvia L. Groth, MD, who led the study. "We believe that the Olleyes VisuALL-K will make visual field testing more engaging and interactive for children, leading to more accurate results and better outcomes."

The Olleyes VisuALL VRP (virtual reality platform) is a valuable tool for monitoring the integrity of the afferent visual pathways in children and can aid in the early detection and diagnosis of conditions such as glaucoma.

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