Somatix and Roche Launch an Only-of-Its-Kind Medication Compliance Capability Using AI-Enabled Wearable Technology

Roche and Somatix Teams at Beta-i

The Roche and Somatix teams gather together at Beta-i's \"Innovation in Dementia\" event.

Somatix leadership presented the results of its brand-new medication compliance and hydration capabilities that were trained and launched in Portuguese hospitals and clinics as part of the Building Tomorrow Together - Innovation in Dementia Program with Roche Pharmaceuticals, Multicare, and Beta-i Collaborative Innovation. The project was part of an open innovation initiative powered by Beta-i, in which four startups, including Somatix, were selected to conduct their pilots in public or private institutions in Portugal. Somatix is honored to be part of this project to improve the quality of life of patients with dementia.

Using its unique artificial intelligence-enabled technology, Somatix is able to provide powerful clinical insights from wearables worn by patients with early to mid-stage dementia, including hydration, falls and medication compliance. Dehydration and missed medication dosages are potentially preventable events that otherwise lead to injury and illness. With the combination of remote monitoring, telehealth, and Somatix's SafeBeingTM platform, the goal is to keep these patients safer and healthier while preserving their independence, and to improve their quality of life either at home or in an independent living facility. Partnering with Roche and two major health providers in Portugal, Campus Neurologico Senior ( and CUF (, Somatix demonstrated the first successful clinical use of its ground-breaking medication compliance feature.

Dr. Charles Herman, CEO of Somatix, commented, "Somatix's AI-powered Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform for healthcare providers uniquely uses wearable-enabled gesture detection to yield powerful clinical insights to improve patient outcomes with the help of strategic partners like Roche and Multicare, our sponsors; CNS and CUF, our healthcare provider partners; and Beta-i, the open innovation program developer; bringing groundbreaking technology to the aging population in Europe. We also worked closely with our ecosystem partner, Amazon Web Services, to build our first cloud-based server in Europe."

"Somatix is happy to report that the medication compliance feature was accurately able to detect pills taken and missed with over 70% accuracy. Based on the experience with Roche and its partners, we have already found opportunities to further improve the accuracy of our medication intake algorithm and plan to reach close to 90% accuracy in the next phase of our project. We also observed close to 95% accuracy in detecting the amount of fluid consumed over a day," says Dr. Amit Sawant, COO of Somatix.

Somatix and Roche plan to expand the partnership later this year, bringing Somatix's platform to more outpatients with early and mid-stage dementia in an effort to keep them safer and healthier in their own environments.

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