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Sharjah Digital Office announces new services on Digital Sharjah Platform

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An array of services and features have been added with an aim of enhancing accessibility and improving the user experience for citizens, residents, and visitors in Sharjah

SHARJAH, UAE, July 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Sharjah Digital Office has announced the integration of four new government services and features to its Digital Sharjah platform. The new inclusions can be accessed via the website and online applications. This brings the total number of services provided on the platform to more than 60, covering various areas of life.

Aligned with the strategic objectives of the Sharjah Digital Office, these latest service enhancements aim to bolster the sustainable digital future of the Emirate. As the primary governmental body entrusted with the development and advancement of Sharjah’s digital landscape, Digital Sharjah stands as the unified and comprehensive platform, facilitating secure and user-friendly access to an array of government and private services.

Rooted in the vision of empowering users with seamless and efficient experiences, this initiative seeks to elevate the overall quality of life for all residents, citizens, and tourists alike. The services aim to make government services efficient and less time-consuming. With this endeavor, the Sharjah Digital Office aims to address the diverse needs of the community, encompassing both public and private services, while fostering a lifestyle that remains in sync with the fast-paced modern times.

The newly added services include:

Visit Quranic Museums in Sharjah

The Sharjah Digital Office has announced the addition of the “Visit the Quranic Museums” service on the Digital Sharjah platform, within the general services sector. With this service, users can book free appointments in advance to visit the Quranic museums in Sharjah.

Designed to elevate the visitor experience, this service provides a convenient and efficient means to explore the cultural and scientific significance of this landmark institution. With easy entry into the complex, visitors can embark on a journey through the rich heritage for which the Quranic Museums are renowned. Within the complex is housed a treasure trove of Islamic manuscripts, captivating exhibitions on Quranic history, and engaging educational programs.

Support for farms

The second service titled “Request to Support Productive Farms” is designed to bolster the success of local agricultural projects. This service has been added under the business sector and is provided by the Department of Agriculture and Livestock. It allows users to apply for the support they need in their productive farms and offers invaluable assistance to farmers in attaining their goals.

This comprehensive support package encompasses three key elements: access to reduced fees from the Sharjah Electricity, Water, and Gas Authority, product marketing in outlets like Sharjah Cooperative Society and Sharjah Asset Management, and the advantage of leveraging the agricultural extension service facilitated by the municipalities.

By availing these essential provisions, farmers can fortify their farms’ growth and productivity, and in turn, actively contribute to the broader objective of ensuring food security throughout the UAE.

Donations service

The third addition to the “Donate” service within the public services sector is about enabling users to make impactful contributions towards Sharjah City’s humanitarian projects. This addition offers a range of options for users, including Zakat payments, general donations, and support for specific cases, fostering a spirit of giving and compassion.

The service seeks to empower individuals to direct their contributions towards Sharjah Awqaf Department and the Sharjah Charity Association. With this service, the donors can effectively channel their benevolence, making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Disability parking permit

Another addition to the platform is the “Disability Parking Permit” service in the transportation sector. This service provided by Sharjah Police allows individuals to apply for a permit to park their vehicles in designated spaces for handicapped. The service includes issuing new permits and renewing existing ones through simple and quick steps.

Technology for quality living

The Sharjah Digital Office is committed to adopting the latest technologies to enhance the daily experiences for the community while prioritising the efficiency of services. These efforts ultimately improve the comprehensive user journey and create a happier and empowered community.

The Sharjah Digital Office is at the forefront of transforming lives and empowering communities through cutting-edge digital solutions. Its Digital Sharjah platform offers a diverse range of services spanning across seven pivotal sectors, namely business, transportation, utility services, social services, public services, security, and real estate.

Accessible on both iOS and Android devices, the user-friendly platform ensures seamless and secure transactions, placing the power of convenience in the hands of our valued users. It also provides various payment channels from Apple Pay and Google Pay and Samsung Pay to direct debit cards, credit cards, the Tahseel electronic payment gateway. The integrated payment ecosystem translates to hassle-free transactions for users.

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