Non-Profit Organization to Conclude Programming in Early 2024

WASHINGTON, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Qatar America Institute for Culture (QAIC) announced that it will conclude its mission in early 2024. The decision was realized through the fulfillment of goals achieved through its wide-ranging outreach. QAIC opened in 2020 and has showcased Qatari and Arab culture.

“Over the past three years, QAIC has played a vital role in promoting cultural exchange between the United States, Qatar, and the larger Arab and Islamic worlds,” says Fatima Al-Dosari, Executive Director of QAIC. “Through exhibitions, public programs, and educational initiatives, QAIC has reached a wide scope of diverse and new audiences, helping to educate and build bridges of understanding between cultures.”

The Qatar America Institute for Culture’s many accomplishments include:

  • Hosting hundreds of events and exhibitions, featuring artists, creatives, scholars, and musicians from the United States and Qatar
  • Establishing the Perfumery Museum, Washington, D.C.’s first museum dedicated to the art and history of perfumery from the Arab and Islamic worlds
  • Founding the IMPART Artist Grant Program, which has awarded significant contributions of support to Qatari and American artists for international exchange
  • Creating the Arab Film House to champion Arab cinema and storytelling in the United States
  • Launching an Arabic language and culture traveling program around the United States with Arabic-inclusive translation services to American landmarks such as the White House

“QAIC has been an innovative beacon of cultural understanding and cooperation between the United States and Qatar,” states Peggy Loar, Chair of QAIC’s Board of Directors. “Through the many engagements and connections built since our inception, we are very pleased for the modern legacy of cultural recognition enjoyed between the people of the United States and Qatar.”

QAIC’s Board of Directors and staff express deep gratitude to its many sponsors, programmatic partners, and alliance members for their support over the years, and to the artists, storytellers, and creatives at the heart of QAIC, who have made the organization’s work both possible and resonating.

“QAIC has been a shining example of cultural exchange through the power of art, education, and dialogue,” says His Excellency Sheikh Meshal Bin Hamad Al-Thani, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the United States. “I commend QAIC for its dedication to promoting cross-cultural understanding and for its significant contributions to the enduring partnership between our vibrant nations.”

While QAIC’s operations are sunsetting, the organization is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for its staff and programs. QAIC will assist with its partners to summarize positive and forward-looking legacies for its educational initiatives, and to suggest a continuation of the Perfumery Museum. The museum is a journey for the senses and introduction to the history, science, arts, and stories behind the craft of perfumery through time and the world.

QAIC’s digital assets including website and social media will remain online for several months in 2024 to preserve the organization’s timeline of work and impact for donors, and other stakeholders.

About QAIC 

The Qatar America Institute for Culture (QAIC) is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has created, curated and executed programs and research that amplify the prominence of all forms of art and culture in society. QAIC cultivated artistic expression and cultural dialogue from the United States, Qatar, and the larger Arab and Islamic worlds. QAIC has served as a vital hub to convene artists, curators, storytellers, creatives, scholars, and academics, connecting them with a global network that extends beyond its physical space in Washington, DC. Through art exhibitions, educational programs, scholarly research, and cross-cultural partnerships, QAIC provided interactive experiences in an inclusive environment to celebrate and appreciate art and culture. QAIC headquarters were at 1319 18th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036.

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