Outstandards Introduces World’s First Military-Grade Power Bank Housed in an AR-15 Magazine Body

The EDC Mag AR is a 20k mAh power bank designed for external carry and made to withstand the most rugged environments on earth.

EDC Mag AR powerbank

20k mAh AR Mag Powerbank with charge indicator in both tan & black

RICHMOND, Va. - December 5, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Outstandards announced today the launch of the world's first military-grade power bank designed to the exact dimensions of an AR-15 rifle magazine. The Williamsburg, Virginia-based company introduced the Every-Day Carry Magazine (EDC MAG) with a unique twist; a power bank charger produced to AR-15 magazine specifications, a design that facilitates carrying externally on the body in existing magazine pouches in vests, belts, and pants. 

The company designed the product for the most rugged environments, utilizing military-grade material for the outer shell that makes the device water-, dirt-, and crush-resistant. The EDC MAG has a large 20,000 mAh capacity with high-speed charging and the latest power bank charger technology.

Outstandards conceptualized the EDC MAG based on real-world "missions in challenging environments" by their personnel that required easy-to-carry, easily accessible portable power that could withstand the harshest environments. Outstandards will market the EDC MAG to outdoor enthusiasts in the hunting, camping, hiking, and outdoor adventure communities, where increasingly prolific USB-charged outdoor gadgetry, from heated hunting vests to GPS devices to radios and flashlights, is driving up demand for rugged, portable all-weather chargers. 

"Our goal was to bring to market a product that met the increasing demand for electronics that the average consumer faces daily, while at the same time being rugged enough to withstand the toughest environments they could venture into. The EDC Mag AR achieves every aspect of that goal," said Jared Boyd, COO at Outstandards, who is a recently retired U.S. Marine.

Early Impact on Consumers

Many consumers have already found ways to incorporate the EDC Mag AR into their outdoor adventures during this hunting season leaving several positive reviews on their website (outstandards.myshopify.com). "This Outstandards powerbank is incredible!  It has more than enough juice to keep my heated vest and all my other electronics for those long days on the hunting stand…Being water-resistant and military-grade has sure helped as I have put this device through all the paces (being dropped, getting mud, blood, soda on it, etc.)," wrote one reviewer in Virginia. Another from Missouri wrote, "I wish I would have had this all hunting season, very glad to have it now. It sits well in my vest, exposed to all kinds of weather and elements and dirt, and just keeps going."

Product Availability

Outstandards is selling the EDC MAG directly off its website straight to consumers at www.Outstandards.com.

About Outstandards

Outstandards conceptualizes and creates unique, innovative products like no others in the world.  Their products are mission-generated, designed and forged through practical experiences during service to the U.S. in some of the world's most difficult and challenging environments. 

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Jared Boyd
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