OnePerfect Unveils First Look at Shift Therapy

Meet a psychologist-led technology company using mental health research, user data and proprietary data sets to help shift users into a better state of mind on demand

Psychology-based wellness platform OnePerfect unveils its answer to the global mental health crisis with an exclusive first look at the forthcoming Shift Therapy® app that guides you to your ideal state of mind, anytime, anywhere. 

Pioneered by a Harvard College-educated clinical psychologist, Dr. Sean Sullivan, Shift Therapy® aims to provide subscribers with real-time access to trained Shift Therapists that help them strategically change their state of mind in under 10 minutes.

The science behind Shift Therapy® is rooted in the long history of social and clinical evidence that supports strategically 'shifting' into a better state of mind, and it leverages groundbreaking technology and AI to address people's emotional needs through Shifts: personalized, psychologist-aided digital experiences that quickly and efficiently guide people to an improved state of mind.

OnePerfect's early customers include a TIME 100 "Most Influential Company" and a major U.S. university health center, which subscribed their entire 20,000+ member community. Since inception, they have delivered hundreds of thousands of Shifts to guide people into a better state of mind. 

Contact Information:
Theresa Zorn
Public Relations
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