OSAKA, Japan, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hanko, a piece of 1,300 Year old Japanese history is coming to the United States and Canada with the one and only, Godzilla. Create your own hanko logo with your favorite Godzilla monster on FANCO (fancojapan.com), an online store launching December 1, 2023.

Hanko company Okada Shokai Co., Ltd. who collaborates with Japanese anime and games has released The Godzilla Hanko Collection on their online store FANCO – an officially licensed product with Godzilla, the super-famous Japanese film with passionate fans worldwide.

What is  Japanese hanko? In Japan, hanko is a stamp that is used as a seal to prove your identity on official documents. In recent years, it has become a Japanese souvenir favorite for international visitors. According to the historical text Chronicles of Japan, the history of hanko goes back to the year 692 – a piece of traditional Japanese culture that has continued for more than 1,300 years.

Though hanko originally simply displays the name, Okada Shokai Co., Ltd. has worked together with popular Japanese anime and game characters to create official licensed products. More than 150,000 hanko have been sold to date.

FANCO will be selling this new item for the passionate Godzilla fans. Choose your favorite monster to create your one and only hanko logo for the ultimate personalized item. The range of characters include twenty-six of the classic Godzilla monsters which include Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan. The personalized hanko can be used to stamp your name, your names can be expressed as Japanese kanji characters (as in the sample images of Leon, Emma, and Thomas) or it can be created with messages such as “congrats!” and “good job!”

The Godzilla Hanko Collection consists of two types – the self-inking hanko and the carved wood hanko. The self-inking hanko has a built in ink pad that allows consecutive stamping. The carved wood hanko is the traditional style that requires a shuniku, a separate ink pad.

Both the self-inking hanko (30.00 USD) and carved wood hanko (50.00 USD) come in an originally designed Godzilla packet and are available for purchase to those with a shipping address in North America. Each hanko is handmade at a factory in Japan one by one therefore requires 10 days via international shipping.

FANCO will continue to collaborate with anime, film and game characters to spread the art and culture of hanko.

By calming your mind and pressing down on the hanko, you too will be able to experience the traditional Japanese culture.


FANCO is an online personalization mall for the fans of Japanese anime and movies. With hanko as the specialty item, many upcoming collaborations with anime characters will be coming soon.  A fusion of Japanese traditional and pop culture will be delivered right to your door. Learn more at fancojapan.com or follow @fancojapan on Instagram and X.

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