New Book Celebrates The Global Community Driving Digital Art

New Book Celebrates The Global Community Driving Digital Art

Right Click Save: The New Digital Art Community brings together interviews, community conversations, and critical essays in a new book celebrating the moment crypto, generative, and AI art went mainstream.

BOSTON, Feb. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Since the NFT explosion of 2021, Right Click Save (RCS) has become the leading online magazine for digital art around the world, documenting a new community of creators and collectors while driving critical conversations about emerging technology.

This physical anthology of essays, interviews, and roundtable discussions celebrates a new generation of digital creators together with pioneering artists historically ignored by the art world. It is the definitive portrait of a global movement at the moment when digital art went mainstream.

For this limited print edition of Right Click Save: The New Digital Art Community, Editor-in-Chief Alex Estorick has curated a special collection of the magazine’s contributions to digital art history. With a foreword by Right Click Save CEO Jason Bailey ––  a vocal proponent of a more decentralized and inclusive art world –– this book is designed for both seasoned digital art enthusiasts as well as newcomers to the conversation. By highlighting the voices of a new “golden” generation of digital artists alongside vital voices from the recent past, Right Click Save documents the moment when digital art came of age through the voices of its global community.

“The last few years have been the most transformative for digital art in its half-century of history and Right Click Save has been driving the conversation,” said Casey REAS, pioneering generative artist, educator, and co-creator of Processing and Feral File. “This is an essential collection of essays and interviews that captures an unprecedented moment in the history of art.”

“We believe that this selection provides the clearest window on both a moment in time and a wide-ranging movement. Many of the essays felt evergreen the moment we published them, while other texts spotlight voices and viewpoints that have too long been ignored. There should be nothing radical about inclusivity, but in the expanding world of art it remains an urgent necessity and the guiding principle of Right Click Save.” – Alex Estorick

The book will be available for free with new yearly subscriptions to ClubNFT from February 16, 2024. Any copies remaining from the initial limited edition will be available for individual purchase later in March from Vetro Editions.

About the author

Alex Estorick is a media theorist who seeks to develop socially progressive approaches to new technologies. As Editor-in-Chief at Right Click Save, he aims to drive critical conversation about digital art. He is also Contributing Editor for Art and Technology at Flash Art. He has developed some of the first academic courses on blockchain, NFTs, and smart contracts and was lead author of the first aesthetics of crypto art. He contributes to various publications – from Frieze to the Financial Times – and is an International Selector for The Lumen Prize.

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