nChain Partners With ATMPS Ltd. to Power Their World-Leading Cell and Gene Therapy Platform Hataali

ZUG, Switzerland - December 6, 2022 - (

nChain, one of the largest global blockchain solutions companies, today announces its partnership with Hataali, the world-leading cell and gene therapy platform from ATMPS Ltd. The partnership will see nChain's data integrity platform allow Hataali to access the most scalable and secure blockchain unprecedented in the precision medicine space. 

Hataali, is the most advanced, regulatory-compliant, medical data-sharing platform for personalised medicines in the Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products sector. A unique and patented platform which provides the most comprehensive capabilities and functionality.

The Hataali Platform enables all partners in cell and gene therapies, from hospitals, to labs, to clinics and specialized couriers, to communicate and coordinate in real time. The platform is a configurable solution that enables partner organizations in personalised medicine to ensure that data required for optimal patient outcomes can be shared between parties in a secure, confidential, and regulatory-compliant manner using advanced distributed ledger technology. 

Hataali, the winner of the CPHI Pharma Award 2022 and the BioNow Award, is a true end-to-end solution that provides full transparency of the treatment process by keeping an immutable record of the full chain of custody, identity, and condition, demonstrating who is responsible and what has been done at each stage of the process. 

"The instant permissioning, interoperability and analysis of data, securely between healthcare institutions can greatly improve treatment effectiveness and ensure patient safety. There's so much innovation in personalised medicine right now, but the full benefits of those treatments can't be realized if our data infrastructure lags and cannot reach their full potential with our fully digital Hataali platform. Digitisation has become an increasingly important issue for organisations which have become cost conscious and looking for efficiency," said ATMPS Ltd. Founder and CEO Raja Sharif. 

He added, "We are excited to partner with nChain to integrate our platform providing access to their blockchain which we believe offers a best-in-class solution for data integrity which is paramount in healthcare, and even more so when it comes to precision medicine."

Since 2015, nChain has focused on developing solutions and inventions for enterprise blockchain use and satisfying the data management needs of all industries. nChain's data integrity platform provides enterprises and governments access to the benefits of tamper-proof documents, auditable logs, and integrated key management into APIs, allowing organizations to focus on collecting and analyzing data rather than securing it.

"The time has come for us to rethink the approach to patient data utility and security. The rails of the healthcare system deserve as much innovation as the treatments themselves, otherwise, healthcare providers won't be effective in delivering those treatments. We're proud to partner with an organization at the forefront of revolutionizing the administration of cell and gene therapies, and are committed to helping them make a difference in the lives of their patients," commented nChain's CEO Hakan Yuksel. 


ATMPS Ltd provides patented advanced technical solutions for healthcare companies in the Advanced Therapy Medicines Products sector, including CAR-T treatments, stem cell and gene treatments. ATMPS have a unique distributed ledger solution which provides immutable and incorruptible data and automation capabilities. The solution is operational, configurable and can provide data analytics modules. It can integrate with all LIMS, MES and legacy solutions. It provides full chain of custody, identity and condition of samples, treatments and assets which it tracks. It also schedules and co-ordinates the supply chain participants, as well as giving them information at the same time, in real time, from a "single source of truth." For more information, please visit ATMPS' website at

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