N. China Cangzhou city Attracts Tourists with Culture Charms in 2024 Spring Festival

CANGZHOU, China, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cangzhou City of north China’s Hebei Province has launched a series of more than 400 activities including local operas, folk customs and traditional artistry to attract tourists around the world, during the 2024 lunar new year month of February until March, according to the municipal government.

Among them, the first Cangzhou New Year Lantern Festival of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and art festivals have made Cangzhou an senic attraction during the most important traditional Chinese festival.

At the Spring Festival Intangible Cultural Heritage Temple Fair in Wuqiao Acrobatics World, programs such as “Drum Rhythm Welcomes the New Year”, “Cartoon Stilt Parade”, “Jianghu Show New Year Edition”, and “Traditional Magic Performance by Various Stars” attracted visitors to stop and watch. The novel experiences included immersive scenario tours, poetry-themed scenario performances, and flash mobs in the garden, which presented a feast of Chinoiserie.

“Cangzhou is now gradually transforming into a tourist destination. In the future, we will take multiple measures to increase the promotion of Cangzhou and attract more friends to visit Cangzhou, injecting new vitality and momentum into the Grand Canal culture,” said a local tourist agency head.

In Cangzhou, the “must-visit” places for the Spring Festival are not exclusive to scenic spots. The unique “village Spring Festival gala”, full of local characteristics, takes the lead in the countryside. At museums and libraries, the Loong Year cultural exhibitions and Intangible Cultural Heritage performances add rich “cultural flavour” to the historical city. At major ski resorts, visitors enjoyed the joy of ice and snow while experiencing the authentic New Year customs culture of Cangzhou.

“I came back from Shanghai to celebrate Spring Festival. I didn’t expect Cangzhou to change so much; the Spring Festival events are lovely and especially suitable for the whole family, ” tourist Tian Jinhui said.

SOURCE Cangzhou Municipal Government

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