Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and ARTiSTORY debuted an immersive outdoor installation – “Take Flight with Museum of Fine Arts, Boston x Audubon” at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, Singapore on 19 May 2023

SINGAPORE, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, together with ARTiSTORY and the Mandai Wildlife Group, launched ‘Take Flight with Museum of Fine Arts, Boston x Audubon‘ on 19 May 2023. The location-based event (LBE) is centred around conservation, sustainability, and art at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, an integrated nature and wildlife destination and home to Singapore’s wildlife parks including Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Wonders. The event and installation will take place in conjunction with the opening of a brand new bird park, Bird Paradise and ungated public park offshoot, Mandai Wildlife West, as part of the precinct.      

This installation will bring to life several curated artworks by John James Audubon, a famous painter and ornithologist licensed from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

This experiential event includes an over-sized interactive bird’s nest and surrounding it are four hand crafted paper birds depicting species found in Bird Paradise and previously painted by Audubon. These paper birds are displayed in large see through eggs. In addition, a 3D Pop-Up book version of Audubon’s most famous work, Audubon’s Birds of America, will be present as a perfect interactive and photogenic piece for visitors, and notably for families and children to engage with. Audubon’s Birds of America is considered an archetype to painting the natural world and is filled with detailed depictions of famous American bird species, some of which are now extinct. Each installation has been created by ARTiSTORY – global leader in art and cultural IP, who worked closely with MFA Boston to bring the works to life as interactive displays for visitors at the park.    

Yizan He, founder of ARTiSTORY, shares, “ARTiSTORY is proud to offer a variety of international IPs from some of the world’s top museums, namely exclusive licensing rights with Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in South East Asia. This collaboration with Mandai Wildlife Group has allowed for an unprecedented fusion of cultural and natural beauty, further highlighting the connection between art and ecological conservation. The resulting event offers an example of how brands can utilize unique cultural and art IP licensing strategies to create innovative products and unforgettable experiences.”      

Debra LaKind, Senior Director Intellectual Property and Business Development at MFA Boston shares, “Audubon’s Birds of America has been famous since the moment it first appeared. In the 1830s, just like today, people marvelled at his birds’ liveliness, as if they might fly off the page in a ruffle of feathers.  We are pleased to collaborate on this interactive exhibition with both Mandai Wildlife Group and ARTiSTORY to share the museum’s collection of Audubon’s pictures with audiences in Singapore and beyond.

Art and cultural IP licensing is a growing sector within the IP industry and ARTiSTORY are leading the way within the field. Through their work, they are helping to create opportunities for leading galleries, museums and institutions, to bring their collections to new, more wide-ranging, international audiences through immersive installations, experiences and products, allowing consumers to engage with artists, artworks and ancient artefacts in new and exciting ways. The team at ARTiSTORY work directly with museums, galleries and institutions to help develop relevant concepts and partnerships. Then ARTiSTORY’s creative team work to design and produce the final concepts – be it experiences, installations or products – ensuring they are aligned with the museum or institution.

ARTiSTORY’s brief for this collaboration was to design a fun, engaging installation for the grand opening of the Mandai’s new bird eco-park. This would be Mandai’s first ever interactive outdoor installation for all ages, that promotes messages of conservation and sustainability, which are so crucial to the wildlife group, as well as an appreciation for the arts and craft.

Working with the MFA Boston, ARTiSTORY were able to bring to life the works of John James Audubon for the project, whose seminal publication, The Birds of America, depicted over 400 bird species in life-size illustrations, popularizing the study of ornithology and inspiring many people to become interested in birdwatching and conservation. The National Audubon Society, named in his honour, continues to promote bird conservation efforts. Together with the MFA Boston, ARTiSTORY were able to bring three installations to life: an outdoor paper bird exhibit featuring Bird Paradise species, ‘The Nest’, a painting inspired art installation featuring a giant bird’s nest, and the 3D pop-up book installation inspired by Audubon’s The Birds of America.

ARTiSTORY’s team were inspired by Audubon not only depicting birds in their natural habitats, but also by his carefully documented field observations of North American birds, including their behaviour, migration patterns, and habitats in his “Ornithological Biography.” The team were inspired by how, through his work, many became interested in the practice of birdwatching and conservation. While ‘The Nest’ is not directly inspired by the practice of birdwatching from a house or tower, it serves as an organic, decorated bird nest that allows young audiences to figuratively “climb up a tree and observe a bird’s nest” – to form a different type of “bird watching” experience.

‘Take Flight with Museum of Fine Arts, Boston x Audubon’ outdoor interactive installation will run from 19 May to 16 July 2023 at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, Singapore.

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