Mad Arts Announces the First Dusted Museum in Partnership with DUST Identity

Mad Arts’ selection of DUST’s solution protects the authenticity of one-of-a-kind works of art while connecting each piece to digital domains to unlock future value. 

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Mad Arts, an incubator for technology-forward projects and collaborations, today announced a partnership with DUST Identity to introduce its on-object security and authentication solution across exhibits at the Mad Arts, opening January 24th, coinciding with the IGNITE Broward festival.

Mad Arts is the first museum to feature DUST Identity’s solution, providing an unclonable, digitally linked fingerprint for each one-of-a-kind artwork. This cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrated into every exhibit, establishes an invisible shield of protection that safeguards the authenticity and value of the artists’ creations while enabling trusted experiences for everyone in the ecosystem, from the artist and suppliers to galleries and collectors.

“As a museum, our charter is to bring in artists, incubate the creation of artwork fueled by cutting-edge technology, and preserve the authenticity and value of each piece created,” says Museum Executive Director Marc Aptakin. “We are working to collapse barriers in the art community by making new and unique cultural experiences more accessible. DUST is helping us accomplish this by bridging the gap between our physical and digital worlds.”

The Mad Arts’ opening marks a significant milestone in fortifying South Florida’s art and technology landscape. The museum will feature more than 20 exhibits, presenting diverse artistic voices, experiences and perspectives on local, national and international levels, designed to provoke varying interpretations and spark curious conversations.

In the outdoor exhibit space, the Mad Arts Yard, visitors will encounter Scot DiStefano’s interactive sculpture, “When Words Become Objects,” exploring the lasting impact words have on our lives. The museum’s second-floor gallery will showcase stimulating displays, including the permanent collection piece “The Empty Mirror of the Sky” by London-based artists Shuster + Moseley, and “The Hunter,” a holographic projection sculpture by renowned artists Davey and Kristin McGuire.

“We are very excited to partner with Mad Arts. Like what Cirque du Soleil did for the performing arts in the 80s, Mad Arts is doing that for the art community today. It’s culturally defining,” says Ophir Gaathon, CEO and Co-Founder of DUST Identity. “Our capabilities align with the needs of institutional collectors who require more control over their assets. We provide a full suite of tools to streamline inventory management and data orchestration built on a strong foundation of integrity and security. This empowers organizations to add a digital dimension to the artwork’s story. Not only of how it was created but also where it has been – unlocking the true value of full-lifecycle provenance recording.”

These avant-garde commissions exemplify Mad Arts’ commitment to experimentation, pushing boundaries and supporting artists’ projects from ideas to completion.

Mad Arts will soft launch to the public during IGNITE Broward, with free entry from January 24 – 28, 2024. The space will formally open to all visitors after the festival and will remain open 6 days a week, Tuesday through Sunday. To receive new exhibition and programming announcements along with admission prices, please visit Visitors can pre-book their visit here.

About Mad Arts
Mad Arts is a project that emerged from the dedication of Marc Aptakin, CEO of Mad – an end-to-end creative agency with manufacturing capabilities. Mad Arts’ mission is to support artists launch their initial ideas and add Mad’s agency expertise and resources to help them create experiences that may have otherwise been out of reach. Mad Arts has a track record of serving as a convening space for artists and community members. Some of the programs that Mad Arts has showcased are the Erotika II Pride Festival, UNDEFEATED dance battle by BREAKINMIA, a youth-led break dance competition conducted by Sergio Garcia, CODAsummit NFT, IGNITE Festival in collaboration with the Broward County Cultural Division, the pioneering NFT exhibition: Phygital Cities of the Future, as well as solo shows from local and international creatives such as Maggie Steber, Phillip Lique, and David Carson.

About DUST Identity
DUST Identity is a leading authentication and anchored digital thread solution for real-world objects that connects data to physical things. DUST Identity’s award-winning anchored digital thread solution delivers the ability to track and trace an object’s pedigree and provenance throughout its lifecycle – providing access to the right information at the right place and time. The MIT startup emerged from stealth in 2018 with support from Kleiner Perkins, Lockheed Martin, Airbus Ventures, and several other world-renowned companies and investors. The company is headquartered near Boston, MA, and has an R&D facility in Princeton, New Jersey.

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