Liaocheng China: The Lantern Festival is both traditional and fashionable, and full of cultural marks

Liaocheng China: The Lantern Festival is both traditional and fashionable, and full of cultural marks

LIAO CHENG, China, Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from the Information Office of Liaocheng Municipal Government. Cultural Liaocheng is colorful. During the Lantern Festival in 2023, all kinds of activities are held in Liaocheng. “Cultural tourism” has become a mainstream tourism.

In ancient town of Liaocheng, a series of intangible cultural heritage exhibitions and performances of “extraordinary skills in the water city” was held on the main stage of the west gate of Guangyue Building and lasted from the first day of the New Year to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. During this period, more than 30 intangible cultural heritage projects, including traditional acrobatics and martial arts, folk dance and music, opera and folk arts, were performed so as to let citizens and tourists enjoy, experience and feel the charming of fine traditional Chinese culture.

A series of cultural tourism activities “River in front of My Hometown” and “The 24 Solar Terms of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture—Start of Spring” were held. Over ten programs, such as the spring plate, egg erection, lion dance performance, on-site reading, calligraphy display, flower boat, stilt, Shaolin Hongquan, etc., were organized, presenting the demonstrating the charm of Chinese traditional culture in the 24 Solar Terms.

The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. This year, the lantern festival was held in many places in Liaocheng, so that the traditional custom of appreciating lanterns, which is both refined and popular, can be passed down from generation to generation. The ten thousand lanterns in the Wanyuan Garden in Linqing are dazzling and the shadows of the lanterns are flowing. The Wanyuan Garden in the style of Suzhou and Beijing is decorated into a warm and comfortable scene, and visitors feel like they are in a fairyland. At Yanggu County, the “Yellow River Bazaar Lantern Festival—Happy New Year”, the traditional Solar Terms culture is full of vitality. The first light show in Agricultural Carnival in Shenxian County has become a new Instagram-Worthy Location.

The newly built and opened Liao Xing Cheng, the first “immersive theme block” in Liaocheng Ancient Town, launched a series of unique China-Chic Gathering activities and wonderful Lantern Festival Gala.

SOURCE Information Office of LaoLing Municipal Government

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