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LIAOCHENG, China, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from the Shandong office of Hong Kong Business Daily. The Yellow River, with a long history, rolls on; the splendid Yellow Culture is born with the “River”. The Grand Canal, connecting the North and South, runs all over the all ages; a happy and good life is followed by. These two world-famous rivers meet at Liaocheng, creating ancient and modern glory and pushing Liaocheng into the high-quality development of “Yellow River+ Grand Canal era”.

“The Agreement of Two Rivers” let us experience the meaningful culture of Liaocheng in the river of long history. With a history of over 2500years, there are more than 400 cultural and historic relics dotted around the city. Among them, Guangyue Towel, the Lingqing Canal Customs Pass, Shanshan Guild Hall all tell the moving stories of ancient time. This is a city that many Chinese classical novels, such as Outlaws of the Marsh, The Golden Lotus, and Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, take as a background. Stories such as Wu Song fighting tigers at Jingyang Gang, and Li Kui’s uproar in Gaotang County are widely known by people. In Liaocheng, you can follow the steps of celebrities and experience profound cultural deposits.

“The Agreement of Two Rivers” let us meet in the water city and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Liaocheng. Liaocheng is born, prospered and beautiful because of water. So, it is famous as “Historical Town Beside the Grand Canal, North China Waterside City”. The surging Yellow River is like a dragon boat; the Grand Canal goes to the north; the east line of South to North Water Diversion Project bring water to Liaocheng from the Yangtze River, thus creating a beautiful landscape with rivers and lakes crisscrossing on the plain. Dongchang Lake, the largest urban lake in northern China, is as dazzling as a diamond. The ancient town with a square shape in the Song Dynasty is like a chessboard floating in the middle of Dongchang Lake, forming a unique urban landscape of “water in the city, city in the water, they are the one, and reflecting each other”.

We are waiting for you in Liaocheng!

SOURCE Shandong Office of Hong Kong Business Daily

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