Kerr Dental Launches New SimpliCut Pre-Sterilized Single-Patient Use Diamond Burs Rotary Line

Pre-Sterilized and Ready to Use for Enhanced Efficiencies

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SimpliCut single-patient use diamond burs

Kerr Dental, a leading global manufacturer of quality dental and restorative products, announced the launch of its new SimpliCut™ rotary products today. SimpliCut, a pre-sterilized single-patient use diamond burs line, is designed to maximize efficiencies by eliminating the need for cleaning, sterilization, and processing.

“Multi-use diamond burs require clinicians to pause their workflow to sterilize the tool before it can even be used with the patient,” explains Elizabeth Mascarena, Marketing Manager at Kerr Dental. “Our new SimpliCut line offers clinicians the performance advantages of a multi-use diamond bur line with a conveniently pre-sterilized single-use product that is ready to use, right out of the box.”

Available in packs of 25 pieces, SimpliCut Diamonds are individually wrapped and sterilized to high industry standards for single-patient use. The burs are available in a range of shapes and color-coded grit sizes for easy identification, enabling them to accommodate varied patient needs. SimpliCut’s fast-cutting diamond burs include shanks designed for true concentric running with less wear and tear on the handpiece turbine.

“As for the functionality, the burs are fantastic,” explains Dr. Meredith Newman. “On the enamel, even under the microscope, I did not see any micro-fracturing occurring near the access, which often occurs when using other diamonds or carbide burs. I was able to get through an entire Zirconia crown with only one bur, when in the past (with a different brand) I have required multiples, or specific Zirconia burs that do not work on other materials.”

“SimpliCut is priced competitively, so doctors can have affordable access to the cutting speed, convenience, versatility, and high level of sterilization available in a single, reliable product," says Product Manager Lili Yao.

The new SimpliCut diamond rotary product will be available to order on February 26, 2024. To learn more about SimpliCut, visit

Dr. Meredith Newman is a paid consultant of Kerr. The opinions expressed in this article are those of Dr. Newman. Kerr is a medical device manufacture and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgment in treating their patients.

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