JARO Screening Room Now Open for Short Film Submissions

Introducing the JARO Screening Room: An Exclusive Destination for Short Films

ATLANTA, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Introducing the JARO Shorts Screening Room: An Exclusive Destination for Short Films. JARO, a leading online platform for film enthusiasts, is delighted to announce the grand opening of its one-of-a-kind online theater. This exciting addition to the JARO experience provides a digital stage for emerging filmmakers to showcase their talent, and their mastery of film craft.   

The JARO Shorts Screening Room offers a revolutionary way for filmmakers to reach a global audience and gain recognition for their work. With the increasing popularity of short films as a medium of storytelling, JARO understands the need for a place where filmmakers can show their work to film enthusiasts worldwide. “We are excited about sharing our premium entertainment platform with brilliant, very talented emerging independent filmmakers who demonstrate a commitment to excellence and their film craft by creating positive narratives built on unique international experiences,” says Richard DeVaughn, JARO Media Services Founder and CEO.

“Our goal is to partner with up-and-coming independent filmmakers to promote and distribute their content to viewing audiences and industry deal makers looking for great work. We believe The JARO Screening Room will become the destination of choice of filmmakers and industry insiders year after year”

Filmmakers can submit their short films to The JARO Shorts Screening Room by visiting the JARO website (www.jaromedia.watchjaro.com/shorts-splash) and following the submission guidelines, or they can submit through film freeway (www.filmfreeway.com/screening_room).

The JARO Shorts Screening Room is specifically searching for submissions across various genres, including: Animation Documentary music video short action/thriller Comedy Drama Horror mystery/suspense Romance sci-fi/fantasy Web series.

Once submitted, films will go through a careful review and selection process by a panel of industry and marketing professionals who are responsible for curating a diverse and engaging film portfolio for the JARO audience.

Selected films will have the opportunity to be showcased in The JARO Shorts Screening Room, where viewers enjoy a rich cinematic experience from the comfort of their homes. JARO received over one million visits last year, so filmmakers will potentially have access to a global network of viewers, peers, and industry professionals.

While all genres are eligible for entry into The JARO Screening Room, not all film will be selected for The JARO Screening Room’s distribution, financial awards, and marketing system.

JARO is an active sponsor of the Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF) and has partnered with renowned filmmakers, critics, and industry experts to create an immersive curated film-watching experience. The JARO Shorts Screening Room is powered by high-quality streaming capabilities, ensuring that films are shown in the best possible format. Filmmakers can also benefit from the platform’s robust promotion and marketing strategies that will help them reach a wider audience and gain recognition.

To celebrate the launch of The JARO Shorts Screening Room, the platform is offering a limited-time submission discount of just $35 for early applicants. Filmmakers are encouraged to submit their work promptly to take advantage of this special offer. To learn more about The JARO Shorts Screening Room and the exciting innovations it is offering to up-and-coming indie filmmakers, visit https://jaromedia.watchjaro.com/screening-room-splash/

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