Intriguing Facts about Confucius

BEIJING, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from on the short and unsuccessful political career of Confucius:

Intriguing Facts about Confucius

The political career of Confucius is quite short.

It started about 500 B. C. in the city of Zhong Du, which was of great importance for the dukedom of Lu. Zhong Du refers to today’s Wenshang county, Shandong province. 

During his tenure, all the nearby rulers took note of Confucius. They all wanted to learn from him. Why did Confucius leave since he was doing well?

Confucius was thwarted in Lu by a stratagem of the Duke of Qi. The Duke of Qi sent 80 beautiful women and 120 horses to the court of the Duke of Lu who was distracted from state affairs and the right performance of rites by the presents.

In 496 B. C. Confucius was disappointed and quitted service. He left the State of Lu at the age of 55 and embarked on a journey lasting 14 years around various states.

During his travels, he propagated his teachings, taught disciples, and advocated his political ideas.

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Intriguing Facts about Confucius 


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